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E get one word wey I no like at all, and dat word na “snatch” especially when na full human being dem dey talk about. Even when I dey small pikin, I dey wonder how man wey get wife go waka follow anoda woman, den di wife go dey fight that woman. Even for boyfriend and girlfriend, if di guy follow anoda girl, dem go say di girl “snatch” am. Na wa o. If we wan even look di top of matter, notin concern di first woman with di new woman. But make we leave that matter. Apart from di fact say na di person wey you get relationship with naim you suppose face, if we look di issue of snatching we go see say e no make sense at all. How e dey possible for dem to snatch full human being? No be say na handbag wey person hold for bus stop, den bad boys fly Okada pass, come snatch am. Di way wey women dey do men like say dem no get dia own brain, e dey very poor. E don reach time wen we all go open eye see say anything wey man do, na di thing wey e wan do. If e follow anoda woman, no be say she “snatch” am. E wan follow am! Na true say dat woman fit fine pass you. Maybe she sabi cook pass you or she dey do things for bedroom wey you no fit do. E fit even be say dem no dey real to each oda: if e do wrong she no go tell am, dem no dey quarrel as normal couples dey do, and na only sweet-sweet things dem dey do togeda. Even sef, d kind money wey you no go fit collect from this man, she dey collect am, and di kind places wey you no fit even talk say you wan go, e dey carry her go there. Maybe she no even love am, she just dey deceive am dey chop im money dey go and she no go even fit manage with am or suffer with am like you. All dis one fit be true, but e no mean say she snatch your bobo. Your bobo wan follow her naim make am follow her. If e stay with her and e no come back to you, no be say she break your home. Na as di man want am be dat. So, no need to go fight her or to dey curse her for social media. If you wan vex, make you carry di vex face di person wey do you bad. Na your man betray you, na your man forget all di love wey e promise you, na your man no remember di marriage vows wey una vow to each oda, and na your man no value you and di relationship wey una get. Anyhow wey e be, just know say man wey wan dey with you, go dey with you. If e comot, na him comot. Nobody fit snatch your man; no be purse.

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This article was first published on 20th August 2018


Joy Ehonwa is an editor and a writer who is passionate about relationships and personal development. She runs Pinpoint Creatives, a proofreading, editing, transcription and ghostwriting service. Email: pinpointcreatives [at]

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