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A very bright, shiny and super-cool book for children (kids) to learn
about and love hygiene in simple terms. This is because getting children to embrace hygiene from their formative years may be challenging so we thought to help.

As hygiene is very important in enabling the reduction (if not
elimination) of the susception of their children or wards to germs (and
even most important now as the world battles the COVID- 19 pandemic),
Abisola Richard-Ogbomo (Author, Keep It Clean) and her team thought to
celebrate the Children’s Day, by sharing free copies of
the book.

They are children so we really can’t expect them to know or remember.
From 0-6, they need continual playful repetition and reminders; from
7-12, reminders are still necessary but with more involvement from your

This book serves as a way to partner with Parents, Guardians, United
Nations, and other custodians- given the privilege and responsibility to
guide children.

Note to Parents/Guardians: Pleaseeee gift this to your child/ward who can learn with a tablet or laptop or desktop.

Keep It Clean (Hygiene 101) is currently also on the international
e-book stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the likes) if seeking more
copies in the nearest future.

Simply send a short message with your child’s name to and tell us why the book is a good book for
your child in view of COVID19.

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This article was first published on 27th May 2020

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