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The official trailer of The Reunion is a delicious teaser: a fast-paced and intriguing lineup of some of the biggest names in Nollywood. Its quickly cut scenes leave you asking questions, eager for the full gist of the film. Faith Ojo is the executive producer of The Reunion and she calls her latest project a ‘must watch for every household’.

According to a post on Instagram by Genesis Film Distribution, the movie tells the story of four friends from high school who reunite 15 years later to plan the 50th anniversary of their alma mater.

Who is in it?

Mercy Johnson-Okojie. Her appearance on screen after her long hiatus away from Nollywood is one of the most exciting features of this movie. Mercy Johnson is much loved in the Nigerian movie industry. Her characters are always authentic and difficult to forget. In The Reunion, she plays one of the lead roles as a former church girl who is now somebody’s ‘baby mama’. It sounds like a good role for her to play in her first come-back film, because anyone who knows Mercy Johnson knows that she is skilled at playing the roles of complicated and misunderstood women. The cast is an impressive collection of reputable names. Jide Kosoko, Lateef Adedimeji, Tana Adelana, Lilian Esoro, Mercy Aigbe, Jaime Kuti and a few others star in this film. Jide Kosoko has also spent some time away from Nollywood before now, so you have two special reasons to see this film.

What is it about?

Envy, insecurity, and the desperate need of women to put up appearances in society. Secrets, lies and grudges that have been held for 15 years bubble up to the surface when these four friends see each other again. According to Faith Ojo, The Reunion is a film that explores the struggles of women as they attempt to live up to the expectations of society.

Why should you watch it?

Obviously, the cast was very carefully selected. With the caliber and history of the performers in this film, you can expect some brilliant acting. The storyline approaches the issues of reputation, peer pressure, insecurity and social inequality from a very interesting and familiar angle. Who did not experience the childish but terrifying politics and drama of secondary school? There are many of us who still carry lessons and unforgettable memories from those experiences today. So what old issues are these women still holding on to from 15 years ago? What happens at The Reunion? And who is Mercy Aigbe threatening with a gun? The idea of power struggles and fights between female friends is not new to Nollywood, but so far the plot of The Reunion seems thought-provoking and mature. Will it disappoint? We can only watch it to find out.

The film was directed by Thomas Odia and is to be distributed nationwide by Genesis Cinemas. The Reunion is out in cinemas today, the 16th of August. I’ll see you on the ticket line!


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This article was first published on 16th August 2019


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