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I saw Zootopia with my sons this weekend and to tell you plainly, I was blown away.  Set in a fictional city with the same name as the movie, where prey and predators have evolved to live in harmony, the story smacks of an all-important point about not limiting oneself by the prejudices of others, no matter what those prejudices are based on; race, gender or creed.

On joining the police force as the first rabbit, Judy Hopps realises that the duty of law enforcement is a tough one. But to prove herself, she takes on the challenge of solving a mysterious case. However, this would require working with a sly fox, Nick Wilde who makes her job an even harder one.

It is an animated film that satirises the definite optimism of the American dream, to lead the world for a very long time in the areas of thought leadership and technology.

The message of this flick to its target audience is: try everything, pursue your dreams.

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This article was first published on 5th July 2016


Nehikhare Omotayo Igbinijesu is an Economist, Poet, and Social Entrepreneur. 'He is the author of The Code: A Simple Story About Raising Great Women' and 'Marriage: 12 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Say, “I Do”'. He lives in Lagos with his wife, Akudo and two sons. He is Co-founder of, a motivational resources company based in Lagos. You can email him via nehijesu [at]

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