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In the spirit of Valentine,, a website for men and women, published its list of Nigeria’s Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes for 2012; with a statement, “meet some of your most eligible single stars with sizeable bank accounts, good looks and credible star status that could be your lucky spouse – in your dreams.” BACHELORS Don Jazzy don-jazzy All Nigerian girls of marriageable age are committing a crime against humanity for keeping this man single because there is no sane reason why he is. If his talent as a super producer doesn’t sweep you off your feet or his robust bank account isn’t drawing you; shouldn’t one of the ladies be curious to find out what’s hiding behind his oversized Ankara Pants? Ebuka Uchendu ebuka, Coming into mainstream recognition in 2006 during his participation in Big Brother Nigeria, Ebuka has since become a ladies’ man owing to his charming disposition and darling eloquence. Socially active, Ebuka’s charismatic styling can be caught on twitter, his columns on blogs and print publications as well on red carpets and TV gigs.   Bryan Okwara bryan First ever Mr. Nigeria now turned supermodel, this man is an Adonis in every sense of the word. Pretty and manly, even with his signature ‘fro, he oozes sex appeal whenever he turns up, be it on the pages of glossy magazines or red carpet or even in real life. Little wonder the ladies can hardly get enough of him. MI Abaga


This rap genius makes up for what he lacks in height in verbal dexterity. Listen to an MI track and you’re bound to be smitten by his poetic ability to turn random rap lyrics into masterpieces. With countless accolades locally and internationally on his sleeves, the aptly named Mr. Incredible is a single force to reckon with in the rap game in Nigeria. He may have asked former Miss World Agbani Darego to be his Val in a recent open letter, but that shouldn’t hold you back from appreciating this petite glass of chocolate milk. Tolu Ogunlesi
Tolu Ogunlesi, Photo: Femi Sunmonu
Pharmacist turned journalist, Tolu is few of his ilk who have successfully crossed the sciences to arts barrier. With a ‘CNN award for journalists’ gathering dust on his shelf and countless socially witty columns on blogs and newspapers, Tolu is an ideal man. Why you ladies still let him run free a single man defies all logical rationalization. OC Ukeje
OC Ukeje Photo: IMDB
OC Ukeje. Photo: IMDB
Winner of AMMA for best upcoming actor in 2008, this eye candy has come a long way climbing swiftly through the ranks since he first hit the screens in Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) reality TV show for aspiring actors. Since bursting onto the scene, he has proven to critics far and near that he’s more than just a pretty face, what with his starring roles in many of Nollywood Box-office earning flicks, with the most recent being his role in film adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie’s ‘Half Of a Yellow Sun.’ Dashing and talented, O.C remains a sex stud to swooning girls and fans. Ayodeji Adewunmi Ayodeji His name may not strike an immediate chord, but the eligible man is the co-founder of Jobberman; that top site that caters to job searches in the country. If you are the sort of girl who is turned by smarts and a shelf of awards, this right here is your dream man. From the UN to Gold Man Sachs to MIT, he’s has working experience with them all. And by the way he is only 28 and has a background in medicine. So don’t worry, money won’t be an issue. John Obi Mikel Obi Mikel, Midfielder for the national team and center man for Chelsea FC, this dreadlock sporting footballer possess a unique way of distracting [female] fans not necessarily for his skillfulness but rather his kiss-me-now baby face. Though an outstanding soccer champ to boot, he remains a precious sight to behold as a player and as a winkingly handsome lad. Derenle Edun
Denerele. Photo: YNaija
Denerele. Photo: YNaija
Heels wearing, crazy trannies need love too. He is single and successful. Somebody please put a ring on it!


Agbani Darego

Agbani Darego

Taking the world by storm in 2001 at age 19, this Amazonian goddess made history of being the first African of colour to wear the crown as Miss World. A mega successful career in modeling, a degree in Psychology from NYU, 12 years later she remains on the market as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Genevieve Nnaji   Genevieve Julia Roberts of Africa! Yes, you read that right. Arguably the best actress in modern Nigeria, this Nollywood diva has become synonymous with the biggest film industry in Africa. Endorsement deals [she’s the brand ambassador for Range Rover Evoque in Nigeria] and catalogs of box-office breaking movies later [Ije, Tango With Me and Dr. Bello], her acting chops have not just garnered her worldwide fan base and acclaim, but made her the darling of both men and womenfolk as a lover of choice. If only wishes were horses. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji

Gossip Blogger extraordinaire, this woman has single handedly turned the grimy business of amebo pundit into a lucrative enterprise. And FYI she just purchased an Infinity Jeep. Pretty and rich, cougar hunters and bachelors, do yourself a favour and hook up with her fast. Eku Edewor eku Host, Model, Actress and pop culture fodder are few of the many credentials of Eku Edewor. Constantly evolving in her field of work and fashion styling, the Studio 53 Extra lady transcends every sphere of the entertainment industry. With a drop-dead gorgeous doll face and svelte physique, she is the poster woman for the model-esque spinster. Omowunmi Akinnifesi Omowunmi Since winning the Miss Nigeria pageant in 2005, Omowunmi has remained a household name in social circles as an epitome of class and fashion icon of sorts due to her poise and scene-stealing sense of style. Currently pursuing a second degree in King’s College England, this ex-beauty queen is a sheer testament to girl power. Ruth Obi RUTH OBI A rare breed in her own space, Ruth is never one to fit your stereotypical female: attorney one day, real estate guru the next and fashion entrepreneur in between. A successful career in law and CEO position at 3Invest, her real estate consulting firm, Ruth continues to up the worth of her credentials as she’s also an OAP on classic FM and Beat FM where she hosts ‘Real Estate on Air’. As her empire continues to grow, her fashion label Ruru is responsible for some beautiful clothes in the fashion market, while a prestigious awards event in real estate that would recognize the outstanding contributions of real estate agents and developers in the country — brainchild of her company 3Invest — is in the works. Why again are people like this single? A case of good things don’t come easy? Tonto Dike Tonto Dikeh Yeah you guessed right, this is an afterthought. Creating a name out of controversy more than her actual talent, this actress has put her critics to shame time and time again. With a film career in Nollywood and eardrum-tearing attempt in music, Tonto has the world at her fingertips. What we would truly love however is for a knight with shining taste in music to POKO her in the family way on time and let her take a shot at a profession she might truly be good at: motherhood. And you wonder why the best aren’t taken. Apparently, fate is saving the best for last.

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This article was first published on 18th February 2013 and updated on February 25th, 2013 at 4:55 pm

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