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Some would definitely refer to the game as really disappointing, some others may see the outcome of the matchup as a ray of light in Arsenal’s dark tunnel. With 55% ball possession, 21 shots (six on target), and 10 corners, Chelsea could not dismiss determined Arsenal in the first-leg of their Carabao Cup semi-final on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge. Their Wednesday meeting was their fourth meeting of the season, their fourth draw, but this was definitely a far cry from their entertaining 2-2 draw at the Emirates last week. Two Nigerian favorites; Victor Moses and Alex Iwobi were on the pitch against each other representing their respective teams, but they could only do so much, especially with Iwobi making more mistakes than I’m sure he bargained for. Chelsea pulled the first real assault from a Moses shot to the bar that came just within an inch of goal as it struck off the post. Arsenal’s first, and best, opening, with Wilshere directly responsible for it, was watered down before it even took off when A. Lacazette chose to shoot widely instead of making a run for a goal. Iwobi had a good chance at a goal in the 38th minute but failed to close in as Thibaut Courtois punched out his shot. Both teams failed to put a goal in until the end of the matchup, ending it in a statement. This is Chelsea’s third draw in a row, and it is quite evident that the blues lack a dedicated smart and sleight striker, seeing as Morata’s performance has spiraled down with time. On the other hand, Arsenal’s strikers lack good confidence and finishing tactics. Chelsea will need to do more at their next meeting for the second-leg on January 24 at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal had a ‘Hail-Mary’ with the results of the matchup, and they’ll definitely be putting their best to come out on top in the second leg, especially after their FA Cup epic fail.

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This article was first published on 12th January 2018


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