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Chioma Pamela Nwuruku studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering in the University of East London for her first degree, and attained a second degree in Information and Business Systems Engineering from University of Surrey. In January 2016 she founded a Floral & Gift delivery company, Eleanor Des Fleurs, in Abuja.  CN: What is the story behind Eleanor Des Fleurs and what inspired the name? I started EDF shortly after NYSC. I got a job but it wasn’t challenging me mentally so I decided I needed something I could enjoy doing. I was going through Instagram a lot during this period and noticed a lot of the non-Nigerian accounts I followed posted pictures with so many lovely flowers and floral arrangements. I thought hey, I could do this here. So I did. Eleanor is my mum’s name and that’s how the inspiration for the name came about. She also worked in a garden when I was much younger so it was a perfect match. Meet the Boss: Chioma Pamela Nwuruku, Eleanor Des Fleurs -  CN: How would you describe your business and the services you offer? EDF is a luxury floral and gift service. We make floral arrangements beautiful enough to be gifted. I currently employ 3 workers including 2 delivery persons. We do local based deliveries in Abuja and also in Lagos, and we average about 4 deliveries every week. We specialize in luxury birthday and anniversary floral arrangements that can also come with add-ons like cakes, chocolates, wines, and so much more. We make gifting loved ones in Abuja and Lagos easier.  CN: How did you raise capital for the business? I saved the bulk of my NYSC allowance and when I was done with service I just used my savings to start my business. Meet the Boss: Chioma Pamela Nwuruku, Eleanor Des Fleurs -  CN: What is your unique selling point and why should Nigerians choose Eleanor Des Fleurs over competitors? Our packaging has to be the most unique selling point, and also our customer service. I believe the gifting industry is a very intimate industry so I work very hard to make my customers as comfortable as they can be.  CN: What kinds of flowers do you like to receive? Roses (laughs). Classic. Meet the Boss: Chioma Pamela Nwuruku, Eleanor Des Fleurs -  CN: What do you consider to be the best career decision you have ever made? Banking on myself was the best career move. It was a new front for me, but I believed in myself and that made all the difference.  CN: Which entrepreneurs inspire you? Elon Musk Lisa Falowiyo Affiong Williams Kim Kardashian  CN: Which books have made a difference in your life? The Bible. Meet the Boss: Chioma Pamela Nwuruku, Eleanor Des Fleurs -  CN: What advice do you have for Nigerians who long to start their own businesses? Hard work and consistency are the main things. Be ready to work hard and stay consistent, and you’re good to go.  Email: Telephone: 09025552094 Instagram: Eleanordesfleurs Website: Enjoy pictures of some of her work: Click here to contact Eleanor Desfleurs directly  

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This article was first published on 29th June 2017 and updated on November 6th, 2017 at 1:15 pm


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