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There are quite a number of makeup blunders that we women (Okay I admit I have made quite a few too!) have made while trying to look our best for work/school days or special occasions. Look through and learn from your mistakes.

“My Lip-gloss is popping!”

This is something I’ll confess to doing this a lot in high school and freshman year in college. Usually, lip-gloss is used when you don’t really feel like using anything ‘serious’ like lip stick. This doesn’t mean you should leave your house looking like your lips were dipped in “ororo” (oil). Take note, ladies!

Using Hair Glue as a Lash Adhesive

I am actually shaking my head as I am typing this. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT use hair glue as a lash adhesive! There’s a reason why it’s called HAIR glue! It is certainly NOT safe for the eyes. Just buy the appropriate eye lash adhesive. If you can’t do it yourself, find a professional. A word is enough for the wise.

Lip liner Faux Pas

The lip liner is supposed to be used as a way to prevent “bleeding” around the lips. It should be the same shade as the lip colour you are going to use or a shade darker and well-blended (I can’t emphasize this enough) so that harsh lines cannot be seen. Sadly, these days or should I say for a long time actually, women walk around with silver lips lined with black liner. Please, desist from such… Biko!

Blush Blunder

Another common mistake I see is ladies looking like clowns with their overdone blush. I can understand how this happens. First of all, ensure that you are in a well-lit room and apply the blush with a light hand. Add on if necessary. Less is more.

Your Foundation looks cakey or is not your correct shade

Ladies, it’s 2012. You can no longer use that excuse, “Oh, I can’t find my shade”! Nah, boo! If you want to wear makeup and not look like a “white face”, please take the time to look for the correct shade for your skin tone. Foundation is supposed to look natural not plastic. If you can’t find your exact shade, pick two shades (below and above your shade) that are the closest to your skin tone and mix them. One way to find out if it is right for you is to try it on your jaw line. If it looks like your skin with minimal blending, then you got it!

Colored Eyebrows

As I write this tip I am literally sighing. I have seen a couple of actresses in Nigerian movies “rocking” purple or red eyebrows. This is all I have to say about it: STOP IT! Oh, yeah, quit shaving off your eyebrows and drawing them back on. First of all, it just doesn’t make sense! Secondly, it’ll make you look way older!

About the Author

A young and upcoming “makeup nerd” from Lagos, Nigeria, residing in the United States, Ezinne Onyearugha (preferably called Z-ni) has always had a natural sense of style and diverse creative ability. When Z-ni began to show her interest in makeup about four years ago, she quickly established a reputation for flawless makeup application. Her style is influenced by her favorite make-up artists, Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown. You are welcome to view her work at

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This article was first published on 28th March 2012 and updated on May 10th, 2012 at 1:14 pm

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