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  Two-wheeler fans and users are a much smaller niche than car users and owners. That does not mean that they are less significant. In fact, two-wheelers are a practical solution for transportation problems in African countries like Nigeria as they are nimble and less susceptible to traffic, as well as, cheap or cheaper than four-wheelers.
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So if you are an aspiring two-wheel owner or biker, here are some useful tips on maintenance when you get one for yourself.

1. Replenish Fluids In Due Time

Motorbikes and scooters alike are similar to the human body. Not replacing your fluids is the first invite to trouble just like not drinking enough water is bad for you. You run the risk of slow and laboured performance and at worst, a total breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Make sure to use only the recommended brand and if you must use another one make sure the grade, viscosity and temperature parameters of that oil are the one your engine stipulates. That information is usually in the manual. Keep the bike chains clean by using de-greasing lubricant to clean at recommended intervals. Use only a chain lubricant for that and nothing else.

2. Take Time To Know

You may do this by familiarizing yourself with the model by sourcing for info online. Do not be scared to ask questions of your mechanic about the parts and what they do during servicing.

3. Take Servicing Very Seriously

With servicing, follow your bike manual to a T. Talk to your mechanic and let him know just what you deem to be wrong at any given time and let him work from there. Once servicing is done, make sure to take it for a spin to ensure that the said issues have been resolved. If any damaged part was replaced, make sure to collect the damaged parts. If you can afford the time, ensure servicing and replacement is carried out in your presence.

4. Check For Ageing Signs Regularly

Pay special attention to your engine and note any changes in the sound it makes. Look out for worn cables or flickering bulbs. Check your tires to make sure they are not balding (indicating ageing). Check your wheels and make sure to balance them regularly. Check your footpegs ensure they are not coming loose. Make sure your mirror maintains its adjustability. Make sure your side and centre stand for tautness. All these little things and more add up to a healthy vehicle. The older a vehicle, the more it needs to be serviced so take due note to service ahead of time.

5. Take Note Riding Style

Your riding style takes a toll on your vehicle more than you probably know. There is no need to max out your engine’s RPM if the engine generates max performance at a lower point. In that same stead, a lower torque vehicle will be susceptible to overheating effects if you max out the RPM regularly. Inner-city riding takes its toll on the vehicle as the stop and start of the city riding takes a heavy toll on your bike more than you know. Better to brake gradually than abruptly as that adds up wear-and-tear in the future.

6. Small Personal And Regular Checks

Make sure your bike is as clean as possible as dirt does you no good. Make sure the bike is always protected from sunlight and under a shade. Sunlight will dull the sheen and toughen your rubber components making them susceptible to cracks. Make sure your tank is almost always full as an almost empty tank would damage your fuel pump eventually. Source: Tvsmotor Zigwheels Featured Image Source: Gaadikey
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This article was first published on 1st March 2021


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