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  The ever-busy nature of modern society can take away the very essence of life. Many have defined the technology age as a rat race, while others describe it as a sudden almost accidental appearance of confusing reality. The average statutory retirement age in 34 countries of organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD) 2014 was made 65years and female 63 years, but the tendency all over the world is to increase the retirement age.
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Interestingly, 23, 725 days of working life come to think of it between 14 years of age to 65 years of retirement, an active working age will be 51 years which is 18, 615 days. Ironically, in our fast busy world, 18,615 days will bridge the gap between childhood and old age. The quality of life defines the essence of life. As important as work is, what we do with our spare time (leisure) could also make the difference. Organizations always focus on gain. Primarily the intent is to exploit the best out of their employees. Most rewards are in form of money, materials and benefits which are given to motivate workers to always do more possibly with less. The way we live our life is a personal responsibility which demands strict adherence to healthy details, no organization will take responsibility for the way you live your life outside work Your leisure time is the moment when you are not working, it could be your short break or closing time. Here are tips that will guard you on how to manage leisure time with a healthy lifestyle:

Make Exercise A Lifestyle

Most people think only those who are overweight or obese need exercise. Many people even think that good physique means healthy state. Exercise does not only help to maintain a functional and efficient body mechanism, it helps to maintain an emotional and social life.

Eat Well

Eating well is not eating a large meal, it means eating the right kind of food at the right time in the right proportion. Plan your food, apply the 20-80 rule which implies, 20% cook food, 80% uncooked food (fruit and vegetables). If you don’t select what you eat wisely, you will need to depend on drugs before retirement. Relax with healthy snack and drink (see the previous article on food)

Have Adequate Sleep

Most people sleep late and wake up early. Hard work does not necessarily mean a long working hour, the quality of work matters. An average adult should spend 7-8 hours of sleep daily. This appears not achievable in our busy generation but nature did not demand our perception but understanding. The good scripture describes that God rested on the seventh day. Most people in the city suffer from sleep disorder; they deny their tiredness by taken stimulant to wake up to work. A new study from Virginia Tech Transformation revealed that 20% of car crashes are caused by fatigue. Inadequate sleep has crashed a lot of relationships and demanding meeting deadline and multiple tasks have wrecked a lot of people. Sleep does prolong life and allows for healthy body and memory. Quality sleep is a major way to manage stress. Studies explained that one of the major causes of sleep paralysis is sleep deprivation or lack of sleep. Many have been pathetically thrown out of their job due to ailments. Find time to have quality sleep (see previous articles on sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment)

Spend Time With Families And Friends

While you are working, managing work time with family is very important. When most people are at home, they take the office home. They receive numerous calls and emails that take away their time. Family time in my opinion is the first consideration for a job. You will leave your job and retire with your family. Instead of hanging out late with co-workers after work, go home and spend the time with your family. Don’t mistake the physical presence for being available, let office work stay in the office. Shutdown or put your phone in silence for meaningful conversations. The difference between good and bad health is in the quality of lifestyle. Featured Image Source: That Sister
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This article was first published on 21st December 2020


Wale Haastrup has joint honours degrees in Human Kinetics and Health Education. He is a professionally certified Grade 2 Coach in Athletics and Training and a formal team fitness and conditioning manager of a rugby club. Wale's experience spans close to two decades as a sports teacher, fitness/sports coach and consultant. He is a member of sports management professional bodies and has been published in several academic journals. Wale is presently concluding his doctorate degree in Sports Administration and Management at the University of Lagos. He is passionate about Nigeria and strongly believes that Jesus mentors and inspires him.

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