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Are you one of those who never is excited about Mondays? Then it is time we talk and learn about changing the world. The monotonous cycle of our lives – Work, family, religious activities, friends, social media – tends to be boring at times and we seek for someone or something to inspire and tell us it is going to be better, that despite the repetitious tendencies of our diverse situations, we can rise above it and still change our world.
Elon Musk didn’t have a different experience from what most of us have and are still going through. Yet he kept the dream of changing his world and never gave up on himself. He had a rough beginning but persistently and undauntedly, worked towards achieving his goals in the areas of internet, renewable energy and outer space. Musk’s statements and opinions have been widely criticized as cynical and extremist. His personal life also has taken several hits yet his level doggedness and firm belief that he can change the world his why he is on top today. With several awards and recognition attached to his name and the work he is doing, getting charged up at the start of the week by some of this outlier’s quotes won’t be a bad idea, would it?
Here is how you can change your world according to Elon Musk:
 Elon Musk 4
Elon Musk 1
Elon Musk 3

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This article was first published on 13th July 2015

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