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A lot of us struggle to get the right decorations for our home. Christmas time is the right opportunity to explore and get creative with various Christmas crafts that can be used for decoration. Christmas crafts that are handmade are a fun activity that the whole family can get involved in and are not difficult to make under a  budget. Here are clues and steps to follow while decorating your homes, such as Christmas stockings, homemade wreath and sparkling snowflakes.

Christmas Stockings:

Santa Claus has a thing with putting his gifts inside stockings, rather than use a store bought one, make one that Father Christmas would love to deliver his goods in.


Tracing paper Red and white fabric preferably woven Plain Linen Pins Scissors Needle Thread


  • Pin the traced pattern onto a double thickness of fabric and cut out.
  •  Cut the hanging loop from the red and white fabric and cut two thicknesses of the lining. 
  • Pin the two stockings together, right sides facing.
  •  Using the sewing machine, sew the stockings together, leaving them open at the top.
  •  Do the same with the lining.
  •  Snip the curved part of the seams so they will turn inside out easily without pulling. 
  •  Press the seams to open on both the lining and the stocking.
  • Turn over a small hem onto the wrong side of the fabric and pin in place.
  • Do the same with the lining and press with a hot iron.
  • Fold the hanging loop in half lengthways, right sides facing.
  •  Sew along the long edge and then turn the tube inside out.
  • Press and pin in place on either side of the back seam of the stocking.
  • Turn the stocking the right side out and slip the lining inside it, fitting the heels and toes together.
  •  Pin together at the top. Neatly stitch the boot, loop and lining together.
  • Stuff your gifts into it and hang on a Christmas tree.
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Homemade Wreath

How beautiful would it feel to have a wreath made by you hanging on your door as a warm welcome to your visitors? The wreath is forever, for as long as you store it safely, you can use it for the following year.

Materials Needed:

Green crepe paper Masking tape Cocktail stick Polystyrene ring (Polystyrene is a very light plastic substance used for making containers) Artificial red berries Ribbon


  • Cut 5cm (2in) squares of green crepe paper and stick a small piece of masking tape in the centre for extra strength. Cut the point off a cocktail stick and use to make holes in a polystyrene ring. Push each square into a hole with the blunt end of the stick.  
  • Continue pushing in squares until the ring is hidden. Take some artificial red berries on wires and push them into the wreath at random to decorate. To finish, add a bow made of ribbon.
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Sparkling Snowflakes:


Sheet Metal (a metal formed by an industrial process into thin, flat pieces.) Metal file Glitter glue Rhinestones

How to use your Glitter glue:


Make sure metal is clean and dry before application. Cut tube open, apply to surface and spread as desired with the paintbrush. The product applies white and dries crystal clear. Allow at least 24 hours. Complete dry time is based on the thickness of the application. Clean up uncured material from tools and hands with soap and water. Reseal container after use to prevent drying. Glitter Glue Warnings: Supervise children while using this product. Not for use in submerged water applications. Not for use in food contact areas. Do not eat or swallow. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep from freezing.


  • Use a pencil to trace template by placing the metal sheet over the template, at least have four different templates.
  •  Cut out 1 piece of Shape 1 and 4 pieces of Shape 2 using scissors or tin snips
  •  Smooth edges using a metal file.
  • Insert the end of Shape 2 through the opening of Shape 1.
  • Fold at the dotted line so Shape 2 “hooks” onto Shape 1. Repeat on all four sides.
  • Hammer bent area flat.
  •  Decorate your snowflake with glitter glue and rhinestones.
  • Allow drying before handling.
  • Use ornament hangers to hang.
  • To add length, attach fishing line to ornament hanger and snowflake.
  • Repeat steps to create additional snowflakes or try creating other shapes and sizes.
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This article was first published on 20th December 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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