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Interswitch is an indigenous fin-tech company that provides integrated digital payments solutions for African businesses. Founded in 2002 by Mitchell Elegbe and headquartered in Lagos, Interswitch connects banks in Nigeria and has over 11,000 ATMs on its network.

Popular products by the e-commerce company include Verve, Nigeria’s most used payment card; Quickteller, an online payments platform; Retailpay, a mobile business management platform; and Smartgov, an identity management and e-payment infrastructure for state governments.

Recently Interswitch announced the Quickteller Global Mall, which would allow customers to shop directly from 100+ international stores including, Amazon, Zara and eBay, and pay using their naira debit card.

Before now you could go to a store, say Amazon, add items to your cart, attempt checking out only to be told the seller doesn’t ship to Nigeria. If you’re fortunate to get an international store that ships to Nigeria, another hoop to jump is that of a supported payment card. You can’t make payments on international portals using some Nigerian cards which can be blamed on the fluctuating nature of the naira.

So why is this a big deal? Quickteller Global Mall takes care of the usual barriers and restrictions that come with international online shopping, making it easier for you to make purchases from an array of international stores. Check out more supported stores here.

Interswitch also partnered with DHL to handle shipping logistics, so that users can now purchase items from stores that do not normally ship items to Nigeria and have them shipped to Nigeria via DHL.

What do you need to be able to use the Global Mall?

  1. A Quickteller account: Simply create an account on the Quickteller website if you don’t already have one.
  2. Global Mall extension for your browser: Install the Global Mall extension for either Chrome or Safari browsers. Download here.
  3. Head over to any of the partner stores, add items to your cart/basket as you normally would. But instead of checking out directly, you check out using Global Mall by clicking on the CHECKOUT/PAY NOW icon.

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This article was first published on 7th November 2018


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