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  With international travel becoming stressful and expensive due to the pandemic, most Nigerians would rather a hassle-free tour destination. There are lots of places to investigate and enjoy in Nigeria. Here are some interesting Tourist spots to check out:
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Ezeagu Tourist Complex

Engage in Fun activities at the Ezeagu tourist complex
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This spot can be found in a remote village in Obinofia Ndiuno Community just within half an hour to an hour’s drive from Enugu City. Though the name suggests a developed destination, this place is anything but such. You ride through a dirt road to get there and it has no tourism facility as you would have in a place like Ikogosi. It is simply called a tourism complex because of the number of natural attractions located within proximity of each other there. There is a waterfall off a cliff which is accumulated from 16 streams, a 3km dark cave with multiple tunnels in it, a lake and a cold and warm spring surrounded by lush green foliage. Nothing about getting there prepares you for the beauty hidden away in nature at this location. It has been said that you can feel the changing of both temperatures of the water at your feet when you stand in the crystal clear spring. It is an ideal place to swim in whether you are a beginner or a pro because there are rocks shallow enough to hang around and strong currents for experienced swimmers to dive in. Just make sure your swim gear in underneath your clothes because there is nowhere to change into it in privacy. If swimming with the fishes is on your bucket list, you can cross it out here. The waters of the spring are reminiscent of those of Wikki Spring at Yankari Game Reserve. If you want to explore the cave, bring your flashlight and cave exploration gear. On your way to this complex, there is a thin tree log to cross which brings a sense of adventure beyond discovering the location.

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate

Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate | LinkedIn
This spot is located just after Ajah, along the Lekki-Epe Expressway. This estate includes a 55-hectare man-made lake, an 18-hole golf course, Lodge and spa resort, sports facilities such as swimming pool, badminton and tennis courts, a residential country estate, and a clubhouse.
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The white sand bunkers, tropical palm groves and manicured green grass is so inviting any tourists will be happy to spend a few hours looking around and taking cool pictures here. Besides taking pictures, you can opt for a night at the lodge, go fishing or take a boat ride in the man-made lake, take a golf lesson for 45 minutes,  watch movies under the stars, relax at the spa, take a fitness class or play a sport in any of the sports facilities. Cost of accommodation per night range from N50,000 – N65,000. This spot is ideal for hosting conferences, retreats, event celebration and leisure hangouts. However, this location isn’t open to all; it is an exclusive spot so you may need to book your reservation in advance.

Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Centre

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Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Centre – Facebook
This spot which is also in Lagos but at Sangotedo is perfect for Nature enthusiasts. It started out with the intention to bring people closer to nature and to do this; they created a botanical and zoological garden. This garden hosts a wide range of local and exotic plants and animals. They keep mostly endangered animal species such as pangolins, lappet-faced vulture, black-crowned cane (our Nigerian national bird), Bateleur eagle, African dwarf crocodile and vervet monkey. The place has colourful artworks and green foliage dotting the mini-zoo. It is a great place to visit for research, educational excursions and to enjoy as an animal enthusiast. Which of these places have you visited and what was your experience there? Featured image source: ARM Investment Managers
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This article was first published on 8th March 2021


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