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Nokia has introduced HERE Auto and its companion (map) app – for smartphones. It works with or without a data connection, and according to Nokia, offers voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, places search and collections, different map views, 3D landmarks, speed limit and speed camera warnings and even traffic estimation based on historic data. With HERE:
  • You can save your favourite places, routes and commutes in the HERE Cloud and synchronize them with other HERE products
  • You always get the freshest maps with frequent updates
  • You can view real-time traffic information so you always know the fastest route
  • You can find nearby and available electric charging stations, which connector types they offer and how they are rated by the community
  • You can get fuel price information
  • You can find nearby points of interests including community-generated content (ratings, reviews, pictures)
  • You can find nearby and available on-street and off-street parking and, where possible, you can pay for it
  • You can know where validated fixed and crowd-sourced mobile traffic cameras are
  • You have access to weather information at the destination or along a route
  • And you can see street level images of your destination and orientate yourself more easily
HERE app is available on Windows Phone and Android. HERE Auto, meanwhile, is already integrated on Continental’s next generation Open Infotainment Platform.

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This article was first published on 3rd September 2013 and updated on September 11th, 2013 at 2:31 pm

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