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The birth of inbound marketing has brought tremendous to businesses worldwide. These businesses only have to earn the trust of their customers by creating informative content that draws their customers’ attention. Publishing helpful content that answers to their customer’s demands and interests is the major purpose of inbound marketing.

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But what does it take to be a good inbound marketer? Here are the top 8 qualities that will make you the best inbound marketer for your brand and your customers. While each of these qualities is great in its own right, they work best when you apply them together.

A Strong Analytic Mindset: This is the first quality you need to have if you want great results in your marketing strategy. You should be able to have the ability to read and comprehend all important information. Thereafter, you need to interpret everything and use the data in some strategies that can bring you rapid improvements.

The Art of Storytelling: This quality is just as important as the first. You need to master the art of storytelling. Being great at the art of storytelling enables you to evoke the reader’s emotion instantly, and that way, you’ll be able to convince your prospective buyers

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Truthfulness: You do not have to bombard your customers with cheap lies and extravagant claims that your products can magically erase all their problems in seconds. This deceit is mostly found in traditional marketing; nobody likes it. Being truthful is the best way to earn the respect and trust of your customers. Closely linked to truthfulness is another great quality: open-mindedness. When people point out your flaws, do not get defensive or try to cover them up. Learn to make corrections.

Resourcefulness: This skill is a must-have for every inbound marketer. You must possess the ability to find creative ways to solve problems and get certain things done in an efficient manner. Come up with a number of hacks and tools to get work done. Tools like Buffer, Headline Analyzer, Blog Title Generator, Grammarly, etc. will surely help you.

Up-To-Date: Staying relevant will make you succeed in inbound marketing. The information inside your published articles must not be obsolete. It is always advisable to enhance the quality of your posts by keeping the information up-to-date.

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Goal-oriented: The goal of inbound marketing is promotion and good sales. However, you do not have to make it glaring. A published self-promoting article should appear subtle in its sense. What you need to do is to incorporate other objectives into that single post. You can do this by making the article informative and entertaining, and you will get some benefits in return.

Consider Your Audience: Do you need any reminders when it comes to this point? Who else are you writing your pieces of content if not your audience? Make it your habit to always keep your audience in mind when writing an article. Knowing what your target audience’s intentions are matters, and figuring out what search queries they make gives you an edge over your competitors. It will guide you in your marketing strategy.

Do Not Neglect SEO: This last attribute is very important. You will succeed as an inbound marketer if you pay attention to optimization. Since inbound marketing is all about offering quality content to your audience so that they can patronize you, then you need to be sure that your optimization is set in a way that your page shows up on people’s feeds.

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This article was first published on 11th June 2022


Ohia, Ernest Chigaemezu is a writer, editor, and grade teacher based in Jos, Nigeria.

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