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  Hon. Daniel Igali, President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) has asked for the support of the Nigerian government in his bid towards becoming the first black African member of the United World Wrestling (UWW) bureau. On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Igali paid a courtesy visit to Mr. Sunday Dare, the Nigerian Minister of Youth and Sports Development and explained the need for Nigeria’s full involvement in global sports politics. He went further to emphasize that his success at becoming a member of the bureau will serve as a huge boast to the development of wrestling as a sport in Nigeria.
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“Nigeria has not done well in sports politics. Sports is beyond training for four hours every day to achieve success. You need to have your people in certain positions to succeed…The election will come up by December in Belgrade and we have about 10 persons competing for the same position. What we are planning is to get into the Bureau so that we can get a certain level of support for Africa wrestling and Nigeria in particular…In the history of the UWW, we have not had any black African on the board of the bureau…So, I’m putting myself forward in that regard and I seek your support because it’s an international election that required the diplomacy of Nigeria to be successful.” Daniel Igali
Replying the request of Igali, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, assured him of the full backing of the Nigerian government and noted that Igali’s membership in the bureau would further enhance the development of sports in Nigeria.
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“The sports ministry will support your candidacy for the UWW bureau. We will work with you to write the necessary letters, make the right pronouncement and contact for us to get more support. Very important is the fact that wrestling is one of the key sports where we have a competitive advantage and having you in that place, it will help Nigeria in global sports.” Sunday Dare
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This article was first published on 23rd September 2020


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