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The weather is so hot. And even though the rains are coming, little by little, it doesn’t lessen the scorching heat from the sun and the humidity. Beyond looking for ways for the body to cool down, one other important challenge is how to maintain a good scent all day long.
Maintaining a great smell all day long is a challenge to most people, especially in this blistering heat which causes so much sweating. Smelling good makes you feel confident, clean and fresh. Wearing too much perfume before going out in the morning doesn’t solve it. You’d end up suffocating yourself and those around you. Neither does using products with different scents help. It would create a cocktail that would smell even worse when combined with your body heat. So, what’s a guy/girl to do? These are a few tips on how you can maintain a wonderful scent all day in this hot weather. Bathe twice daily Showering in the morning is common, and necessary, for everyone. You should also take time to shower every night before going to bed. Get rid of all the heat, dirt, sweat, and body products. If you’ve been out doing some strenuous job, which makes you sweat a lot, it’s important that you must have a bath before you retire for the night. Wear clean and comfortable clothes It’s good to wash and iron your clothes regularly. Undergarments, vests, gym wear, shirts, socks, and tops need to be worn only once. Of course, natural fibres like cotton and linen would be most comfortable, since they absorb moisture. That’s all the more reason why they should be washed frequently. It doesn’t mean other fabrics are not comfortable. The key to choosing based on comfort is to watch the season; obviously you’ll need thicker clothes during the Harmattan and light absorbent materials would be preferable in this hot weather. Dress Wisely It would be odd for you to wear a turtle-necked thick sweater out in the sun. Dress appropriately so you don’t overwork your sweat glands. Ladies you can wear a camisole under a light jacket. You may take off the jacket when you can. Guys who have to wear suits all the time, I feel bad for you. Just wear very light corporate shirts, and even lighter undershirts beneath those. Use a good deodorant (or anti-perspirant) They come in different types—stick, gel, liquid and aerosol. Some people even use talcum powder, which is good. You may have to sample different brands of deodorant to find what works for you. When you do find one, stick with it and never let go! It’s the deodorant that starts work first to eliminate bad odours when they come up. Use under your arms and in between your toes, if necessary . Note that a deodorant only eliminates bad odours; it’s an anti-perspirant that prevents you from sweating. Layer your fragrance If there’s a soap or body wash that smells great on you, you might want to find out if its brand of fragrance comes out in other beauty products — body lotions, body sprays, talcum powders, and even deodorants. Layering your scent reinforces it and makes it linger. Carry a kit with you You can also include these in your handbags, pocket or make up purse: breath mints, blotting tissue, cotton face towel, perfumed hand lotion, handkerchief, fragrance talcum powder and a small bottle of deodorant. Trust me, they’ll come in handy. Have a travel-size milder version of your fragrance Have a small bottle of the toilet water or body spray version of your perfume. You can dab a little on during the day, to freshen up, or after work right before heading home. Know that using a fragrance mid-day will work best if you’ve been following the tips above and keeping generally clean. Nothing smells worse than a mix of good and bad odours. Diet matters A lot has been said about how our diet affects the way we smell. Some of the major culprits are beans and spicy foods. Although, I don’t know how we can manage to cut that out in Nigerian cuisine. All the same, some people react to certain foods. It is wise to find out the kinds of food that affect your body smell and steer clear of them. Maintain Good Housekeeping Organize yourself and your environment at home, keep it clean. Wash your clothes with sweet smelling detergents and spin-dry or air-dry them properly. Keep clean clothes neatly folded or hanging in wardrobes, away from unclean clothes.  Don’t postpone doing your laundry for too long. You can spray your neatly folded clothes with a fragrance spray before storage — some use mothballs. Try keeping up with these tips and I’m sure you’ll feel even fresher at the end of each day.

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This article was first published on 29th March 2012


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