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  Smartphone owners are more likely to have experienced their device overheating at least once in its lifetime. What is more concerning is that most times, smartphone users do not have an idea of what to do to curtail the overheating or how to prevent it from happening again. Aside from those who experience their smartphones overheating due to the rising temperatures during hot weather conditions, some of the other reasons that could cause this are directly related to the mobile device itself. Useful tips that users can use to protect their mobile devices from overheating are listed below:
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Close Unused Apps

It is standard practice and recommended that all opened apps on your device be minimised so as to avoid apps running in the background. When you have multiple graphics-heavy apps such as games, web browser tabs and so on opened all at the same time, it uses up available RAM space and the device heats up. It is recommended to use apps such as Greenify because it automatically hibernates unused apps while also conserving power overall.

Update your Apps

The presence of bugs on an old update will cause glitches that will make the phone heat up. Meanwhile, once the bug is fixed and you have updated the app, your phone will operate much smoother.

Delete Unused Apps

Oftentimes, apps that are no more useful to you should be deleted from your device. These apps sometimes run in the background even while hibernating, and so deleting them is the best bet to reduce the possibility of overheating. You will also need to disable other smartphone features that can run in the background and heat up your device by turning off push notifications that are not useful, as well as disabling location services from some specific mobile apps on your phone.
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Use Airplane Mode whenever Necessary

Using aeroplane mode is not applicable in many instances, but while charging your phone overnight, you may consider switching to Airplane Mode to reduce the likelihood of your phone heating up. Other instances that you can put your phone on Airplane Mode is when you are outdoors, at the beach, in the cinema and so on.

Use Antivirus Software for Android

If an Android phone has been infected with malware such as a virus, it may begin to overheat as the virus will begin to generate unauthorised traffic from the mobile device. Android phones are especially susceptible to malware. Therefore, the best way to prevent overheating caused by malware is by installing trusted antivirus software on your phone.

Remove Phone Casing Occasionally

Using phone casing in particularly hot weather is not advisable and may cause overheating for your device. While you may not want to expose your smartphone to the danger of dropping, you can always remove the casing for it to cool down whenever you notice it is overheating. Source: Insider
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This article was first published on 17th August 2021


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