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It is quite a scene around Lagos especially Lagos Island axis and its environs, where a number of houses, roads, vehicles have been submerged by water due to the heavy downpour of rain. While this is not a strange sight across riverine areas, it is necessary to take precautionary methods to prevent reoccurrence.  These areas have always been prone to flooding, yet little or no intervention has been done to get it curtailed. During the rainy seasons, there are inconveniences that disrupt life’s activities; no power supply, heavy road traffic, and people meeting their water loo as they struggle for their daily bread. Water! Water! Far and wide, not a Drop Meant For Drinking!!! There are economic implications, medical repercussions, sociological effects and financial impacts of the consistent flooding in Lagos. People are forced to stay indoors, or risk their source of income, and/or dare the consequences of sojourning out for sustenance. Here are steps to take to prevent flooding, as it is obvious that this rain is here to stay:
  • Construction and Expansion of Drainage System, Canals: When Late Fela Kuti bellowed out: WATER NO GET ENEMY. He probably had not experienced abysmal flooding as this year’s. Water can ruin and destroy your homes and properties. Drainage system and Canals are essential parts of urban living. Build a good drainage facility that can help to guide water flow away from residential areas to the right channels. Canals are artificial water channels that helps to prevent flooding.
  • Clearance of Drainages: A lot of our drainages are not well managed.  Clear out garbage, debris and solid waste that clod your gutters, canals and others. Do not wait till it’s the mandatory environmental sanitation exercises before you tidy up your homes and drainages. Avoid littering everywhere with rubbish, as all litters eventually piles up to cause a disturbance in water progression.
  • Gather Rain Water: A simple solution that can easily be taken for granted; Fetch rain water! A lot of people would probably hiss at this skeptical advice, nevertheless, this controlled collection of rain water helps to deal with flooding. Do not gather rain water for drinking purposes except maybe if treated. Hence, On Your Mark, Get your buckets, basins, wells, building ponds, flood controlled dams, storm drains and gather as much rain water as you can.
  • Plant a Rain Garden: There is always a little green in every rain. Use this opportunity to beautify your landscape. Rain Gardens protect water quality. Its helps in controlling and preventing floods. It is a planted depression and inexpensive. Areas around your home you discovered receives water from possibly hard surfaces like the rooftops are the best spots. You can always search for ornamental plants, herbs that are water tolerant, absorbent. You can create a little drainage round the edges of the garden to prevent over flooding of the plants.

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This article was first published on 10th July 2017


Adepeju Adenuga is a writer (considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense). She holds a Masters Degree in Literature in English from the University of Lagos.

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