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Adventure travelling is a type of tourism that involves travelling to an exotic or remote location and engaging in a physically challenging outdoor activity. It is fast growing in Nigeria. But before you add yourself to the statistics of adventure travellers within Nigeria, here are tips on how to plan a successful adventure trip.

Do Your Research

Decide on where you want to go. Then Research the place and the activities you can do there. We cannot overemphasise how important it is for you to do your homework about a place you intend to travel to. If you want to go zip-lining at Zuma Rock in Abuja, find out the gadgets you will need, the experiences of those who have tried it, the credibility of the agency organising the trip, and lots more. You also need to know what to do if an accident happens while you are taking on any adventure. If you are travelling out of Nigeria, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months, your vaccinations are in order, you know your visa requirements for the destinations, what their local currency is and the exchange rates, etc.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

Climate change is real. It affects the cycle of seasons and causes changes in weather forecasts. So make sure you confirm that the weather is ideal for the activity you intend to take part in. Going rock climbing in Jos during rainy season might not be in your best interest. Also, monitor the tides if you want to do any water sports like water rafting or kayaking in Lagos or any state with beach resorts.

Have The Right Equipment

Make sure your gear and clothing are properly fitted, otherwise you could find yourself in a dangerous position. Hiking with shoes which aren’t your size will lead to discomfort and blisters. If you have doubts about how a gear works, seek advice from a professional or someone who has used that equipment under professional supervision. If you are going hiking through Arochukwu town to see the caves and the long juju slave trade route, make sure you have your lightweight backpack and durable trekking boots.

Be Physically prepared

If you have a lot of physical activities packed into your travel trip, it is best you train your body to handle it. We would advise you space out the activities so your body can rest in between. But if you are resuming work soon, your visa duration is short or whatever reasons may be that made the trip short, the least you can do is maximise it by being physically able to handle the strain on your body from the activities. The last thing you want is to breakdown from fatigue or exhaustion in the office on the first day of resumption after a travel trip. Being in shape will keep you safe from injuries and make it possible to enjoy your trip.

Have A Plan

When you plan your trip early on, it gives you time to cover the basics and minute details that can take your trip from zero to zenith. For instance, flight fares will be cheaper, Visa rejections can lead to a change in destinations, etc. With a plan, you can make adequate arrangements to engage in a variety of activities (an itinerary that suits you). Also make plans to keep extra money aside for any emergency or get a Travel Insurance Coverage in case something unpredicted happens while trying a new sport. If you are signing any document on your travel or health insurance, read it properly to ensure any occurrence from your adventure activities will be covered. Adventure travels take a toll on your body so make sure you create extra time in your itinerary to rest and gather your strength for the journey home. Having a plan helps you make the most of your trip. Having an adventure-filled travel trip in Nigeria is doable and you will love yourself for doing it.

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This article was first published on 21st September 2018


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