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The virtual world is here to stay. Dating has a different outlook and it is now easier to meet new people, connect and find new ways to build relationships. A virtual date is so common and has the same effect as a normal date would. This would require that the same time and effort put into preparing for a physical date should be expended in a virtual one.

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Carefully pick your clothes

Dressing well helps you feel beautiful and good about yourself. You will be able to articulate yourself better, and bring in the best version of yourself to the date. In picking your clothes, pay attention to what you never go wrong wearing. It should complement your skin tone, eyes and hair. Since there is a high possibility that it is only your upper body that will be shown, you may want to pay more attention to that part of your looks.

Invest in Lighting

A virtual date is very dependent on the right lighting. It can make or mar the date. Natural light is the most preferred option, but if there is an evening date, you might need to resort to other means. Lighting could also influence your dress choice. A ring light can be used, with a camera stand and nice angles so you can enjoy the date.

Another point of note is your gadgets. Ensure your device to be used for the virtual date is in good condition so surprises do not spring forth in the middle of the date.

Room Décor and Location

You will have to pay attention to the right spots in your house where the background is presentable and you will feel most comfortable. You can add a vase of flowers or little aesthetic features that will brighten up where you are at.

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It is encouraged that you try out different postures so you see which is most relaxed and you look your best before the time for the virtual date. You might notice that you slouch a lot, or act a certain way when experiencing different emotions. If you are not comfortable with how you look at different times, practice new postures and do them until it becomes your default.


Some virtual dates will require eating and drinking. If you do not already have this covered, you should watch YouTube videos and follow image consultants who will help improve your dining etiquette. This includes how you set your table, dish and serve your food, chew your food, gulps etc.

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The final thing is communication. You can look your best but the essence of a date is to get to know one another. In a virtual world, it is easy to get misconstrued, so you will have to put in more efforts in communication so you do leave on a sour ground.

Be set to pay attention and listen to your date. Share as much as you can but also give room for feedback and encourage your date to open up just as much. Prepare yourself to have fun, think of different fun events that can be done together and introduce them accordingly. Have no doubts; you can enjoy yourself on a virtual date just as much as a physical one.

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This article was first published on 27th April 2022


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