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It is generally assumed that leadership is all about titles, positions, money, and fame. On the contrary, leadership is not an actual position or title. It is an attitude and the example you set for others. Generally, leadership is the ability to influence and influence others positively.

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Before now, leadership was just about hierarchical authority and dominance, however, presently; it is more about collaboration and teamwork nowadays.

An ideal leader regardless of position someone who:

Creates a positive team environment

Keeps others well-informed on vital issues

Helps direct reports and even learns from them

Appreciate and encourages others

Put others first other than being selfish

Help those around you to grow and develop

This means that being a leader has a lot to do with your ability to develop, grow and positively influence a high-performing team.

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Therefore, it is not dependent on being in the position of a leader, as long as you can carry out leadership responsibilities, you can be a leader.

One of the easiest ways to lead without being in a position is to grow and have influence over a group of people, encourage and influence them positively and provide those around you with feedback.

With feedback, those around you can identify their blind spots and create an opportunity for them to become better.

How to be a leader without a position

Acknowledge Others

One of the top skills of being a leader is the ability to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of others. This can be done by public appreciation and encouragement, hence, recognizing and appreciating others for their contributions.

This doesn’t require a title or managerial position to carry out. In addition, you can shower praise and spread the spirit of positivity among people under your influence.

Initiate Ideas

Most leaders are proactive and self-motivated, which means they initiate ideas and carry out tasks without being asked or told.

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By being in the position of initiating ideas, you can identify the needs of people under your influence and fulfill these needs without waiting for management’s direction. You also become flexible and open to innovation and creativity beyond the scope of your role.

Think Beyond the Title

As earlier stated, leadership goes beyond the title and position, so for you to carry out leadership roles, you have to think beyond the title, role, and function.

Diversify your thoughts beyond the stated role and title, and have a keen interest and knowledge about everything going ok in the organization regardless of your department.

Engage and connect with every other member or employee in the organization, volunteer when needed, and always be ready to spot errors and assist when necessary.

Demonstrate Leadership skills outside the work environment

It is easier to display leadership skills in a work environment than outside the job. However, the attitude and skills you display outside the work environment counts. Hone and demonstrate your leadership skills through your commitment to a social cause around you.

In conclusion, true leadership is not about rank or job titles, it involves having a perspective that extends way beyond the normal roles, responsibilities, and daily tasks.

Leadership can mean different things to different people; however, generally, it involves your character and attitude towards life and the people around you. It is not a title or position; rather, it deals with impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and everyone around you.

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This article was first published on 10th June 2022


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