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  People realise too late into a relationship that their partners were either toxic or possess character deficits that they cannot stand. They say too often than not that; they never knew who their partner was until after marriage. While this might be emotionally true, it is logically incorrect. This is because people tend to show who they truly are on the first few days of the meeting.
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It is important that people learn to take responsibility for the choices they make in relationships as this would help reduce fatalities and regrets. In light of this, this article will talk about how to identify the red flags in the first few days of meeting a person.
  1. How They Treat Time

A lot of time, this is the first indicator that people ignore. Time is the basis of life and how a person treats time reveals more about them than they realise. If they come late for dates consecutively it means they do not value your time and you can be sure every other aspect of their life has this deficit. It shows that they are hardly reliable and if reliability is an important factor in your relationship, it is advisable you consider if you can forge ahead with your partner with this reality in view.
  1. How They Treat The Servers

It is important to not overact especially in a public institution like a restaurant where there are waiters waiting on you but it is more paramount to treat every other person with dignity. How a person treats the waiters says a lot about the kind of person they are and when push comes to shove and you find yourself in a particular situation, you would not be treated otherwise. This is because when love wanes, habit takes over. If they are rude to the help, they would be rude to you.
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  1. How They Treat You

How they treat you is usually the last straw to break the camel’s back. When making a decision, it is important to look at the content of character because how people treat you is only a mirror of how they treat themselves. if at the initial stage of being an acquaintance, you do not feel comfortable with the way you are treated then take a step back to recalibrate. It is important to know, however, that even after all the boxes have been checked on the commitment-phobic partner, the single most deciding factor is your intuition. Do you trust your instincts and intuition? In some cases, instincts can be primitive but more often than not, they are right. If you are intentionally exposed to healthy relationships, quality materials for personal development and keep contact with good mentors, then, there is a strong likelihood that your gut will be mostly on true north. Learn to always trust your intuition and not leave your fulfilment to circumstance. When this is satisfied, you can look forward to a beautiful relationship. Featured Image Source: Good Therapy
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This article was first published on 17th August 2021


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