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Many crooners and novelists have made several attempts to express the meaning around the concept of love, however, it is inexhaustible. The understanding of love is further complicated when trying to deal with recognizing a soulmate. A lot of definitions and descriptions have reached one conclusion: a soulmate is an individual who is part of your soul. An individual whose existence is beyond the surface meaning of a lover. Now, we have had songs and stories on fairytale affairs where characters -whether real or not – live happily ever after. But that is not always the case as it takes more than knowing your soulmate but also fighting to keep them in.

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Heal first

Take your time to heal. Don’t rush things or you might regret them in the long run. Returning your partner can be exciting and emotional, don’t let the rush blind you to the real issues to fix. You cannot bring the pain and heartaches you both suffered into the relationship. You both need time to adjust to the rekindled relationship.

It’s not a new relationship

Accept that prior to your breakup, you were in a relationship. Do not treat your reconciliation as an entry into a real relationship. Whatever form of partnership you form should be a better version of the old one. You already know your tendencies and have gone through the initial dating stages. The next question is: “What’s next?” Not “let’s start over”

Return for the right reasons

Do not return to a partner all because you feel lonely or you’re afraid you might never find someone better. Sit down and determine your reasons for returning. The only justifiable reason for getting an ex is based on the knowledge that he or she also cares for you. Getting into a relationship with a partner who is not on the same page with you is only headed to a disaster worse than the last

Talk about old issues

Many reconciled couples make the mistake of not ironing out old issues first. It is advisable to raise the places where a partner did wrong to avoid repetition. Especially, issues you could not talk about at the peak of a breakup. The emotional tension at that time must have made you unable to express your true feelings.

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Let go of the past

After talking about the old issues, let go of them. Never go back to them, you will only be opening old wounds. That could even slow your rekindling process or poison the reconciling process. Both of you might just become too toxic to stand each other if you keep going back to the past.

Introduce new routines

The only part of your lives you should treat as new should be your routines. Build new memories by going to a different date location. This will help dispel the temptation to go back to the past. Go to new restaurant spots and make new adventures. It is a signal of personal growth done together.

Although getting your soulmate or ex back is widely discouraged advice, you can take that path if you feel it is the right thing to do. Nonetheless, when all is said and done, when you have fought all of the fights you’ve got left and it still doesn’t work, it’s best to move on. You wouldn’t need to forcefully be with a person that belongs to you. Not all soulmates become settled with their partners all the time. Regardless, do not lose faith.

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This article was first published on 7th August 2021


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