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Hand sanitizers have been a hit since the WHO officially recognized the corona virus across the world and when the “Italian man” in late February in Nigeria as price hit as high as ten times the previous price. And so did N95 masks. Given how expensive it has gotten; stores are putting caps on how much customers can purchase at a time.

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Real hand sanitisers contain at least 60% alcohol (ethanol), PH levels of 6-8% and 99% microbial efficacy. Ideally it should kill 99.9% of germs. But the high price of sanitisers has seen many local producers enter the market and quality control is not top notch to be fair so many fake or substandard hand sanitisers actually populate the shelves of stores across the country. So here is how to identify a fake sanitiser from an original.

  • First things first, observe the thickness of the substance in the bottle. If it is really thick then chances are it is the real deal. If not, then many times it turns out as fake upon further scrutiny. You can verify without opening thereby incurring the cost of the bottle. To do this, just shake the bottle and observe how freely the liquid moves inside.

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  • Price is another indicator as to whether the product is original or fake. Now this is in no way foolproof but it works most times. So if it is a bit too cheap, best believe something is fishy.
  • Generally, if you cannot identify the SON insignia or a NAFDAC, then best believe it is both fact and unapproved.
  • Observe the labelling too. It might come off as cliché but if the labelling is sub-par then who is the say the content is not.


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This article was first published on 30th March 2020


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