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  As a business owner or entrepreneur, you may often find yourself in an imaginative position where you have grand creative ideas and other mind-blowing plans that make you feel fired up and motivated to get a jump-start with your plans.
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Unfortunately, in the real world, having a great idea and the motivation to pursue or grow a business is not enough to make it succeed. This is because you have to understand the tricks of the trade in order to avoid the pitfalls of a business flop. A sales funnel is a marketing term for the journey potential customers go through to purchase an item. It is simply a process or journey through which potential customers become loyal customers. It is often said that potential customers can be visualized like an upside-down triangle with about three steps, which include the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, although these steps may differ depending on a company’s sales model. Following the shape of an upside-down triangle for the sales funnel, there are more would-be or potential customers at the top of the funnel, however, they are actually narrowed down into people who are likely to sign up with your offers and premium services.

Sections Of Sales Funnel

Awareness Section: In this section of the sales funnel, the audience here understands that your business exists, but do not particularly show a focused interest. They just have the knowledge of what your business offers. Interest Section: Here, potential customers know about your business, and they are showing keen interest in your business, however, they are not yet convinced to the point that they would actually gain from what your business offers. Decision Section: These potential customers are deciding if they would go for your offer or your competitors offer. This is a critical section because this is the part where you need to put together a convincing basis for your potential customers to purchase your products or services.
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Action Section: The final part of the sales funnel, where the customer has made up his mind based on your marketing strategy.

Importance Of Sales Funnel To Business

  1. Consistency in sales.
  2. Purpose-Driven content.
  3. Identifies problem areas and helps you improve on them.
  4. Helps in deciding a marketing strategy.
  5. Helps you know how to relate to your customers.
  6. Gives you an advantage over others.

How To Create And Utilize Sales Funnel For Your Business

  1. Build a landing contact or page: This is where your potential customers learn about your business because when they click on an ad, sign up for a webinar, or download an eBook, they’ll first see your landing page. Your business-landing page should clearly communicate who you are as a brand and your unique, also it should contain forms for potential customers to enter their details. Remember that your landing page is the first impression your potential customer has of your brand, so make it worth it.
  2.  Offer value: This is the part where you offer something to your potential customers in exchange for their personal information like email addresses. A lead enticement, like an eBook, is an effective way to offer something of value on your landing page.
  3.  Start nurturing: Here, you can create an email nurture series or newsletters to share educational, entertaining or motivational content about what you are offering.
  4. Over-sell: This is the point where you offer anything that can push them into the direction of a purchasing decision. This could include an extended free trial or a special discount.
  5. Keep it going: Ensure you keep the communication going and remember that consistency is vital in sustaining your customers. Educate them on your product, why they should remain loyal customers, you can also build a new nurture series to check in with them every few months.
A sales funnel is a simple indispensable concept in business growth yet an effective marketing tool for scaling your business successfully. As you learn to identify each customer’s level in the funnel, you will begin to become a master in generating more sales for your business. Featured Image Source: Sanjeev Mishra
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This article was first published on 13th November 2021


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