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  Over time, businesses experts have come to the understanding that a business toolbox that contains various business-related tools are essential in making a business thrive.
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In a business toolbox, these tools are conceptual frameworks that are specifically designed to help business practitioners solve concrete and limited business problems in a real-world context. The best tools are conceptually sound, simple, practical, and visual, have a great user interface and provide a great user experience. These characteristics make them fit for the real world and increase adoption by business practitioners And with this in mind, every business owner should have a clear and unbiased knowledge about business tools, because it will go a long way to ensure business growth.

The importance of business toolbox

Business tools have helped business owners in various ways, but importantly has helped today’s complex challenges in two ways: by providing a structured approach and a shared language.
  • Structured approach: tools frame strategic conversations and ensure all the important aspects of a problem are being addressed. They help organize information and prioritize the work.
  • Shared language: tools align teams around a visual concept, making complex ideas clearer with an image.
A team of business owners armed with the right tools are able to cut through complex business issues and build out an organization that can sustainably compete in the market. There is clearly a gap between the tools a company uses to execute a known business model and the tools they use to design future growth engines. We need the right set of business tools to design businesses and sustainable growth. It is essential to have the burden of creating a set of tools for business strategy, business design and innovation. These tools should be integrated and work like plug-ins around the same framework to develop tools that help assess innovation metrics, and evidence of a promising business opportunity. Each one of them focuses on solving a specific business problem.
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The best tools empower companies, and it is important to note that the more we align ourselves with evidence-based approaches, the stronger these tools will be for business owners. However for this business toolbox to be effective in your business, there are 3 important tools that a business should have in its business toolbox. And they are Business Plan, Cashflow Forecast and Management Accounts. Because marketing and sales are what keep a company alive. So with the 3 tools, you have in your business toolbox, you can safely and confidently take your business on its journey; The Business plan will tell you where you want your business to go and when you want it to arrive, it is your roadmap. Your cash flow forecast will tell you how much budget you have for the journey, when it can be spent and whether you have any money for that flash hotel on the way. Your Management Accounts will tell you whether you are on schedule to arrive on time and at the desired destination, and whether you are on a budget or some areas of the trip are causing problems. Furthermore, with the right tools in your toolbox for your business, surely you will get the required growth you need in business which includes improvement in both productivity and efficiency. Also, you will have practical assistance on how to improve Quality and Workforce Management – areas that are inextricably linked. People are a core and valuable asset for every business, and in order to have an efficient, productive business, employees need to work in good conditions. Good working conditions go hand in hand with productivity, quality and efficiency as essential elements of building a sustainable and resilient business. It will enable you to understand each issue and why it matters for your business, what is required, what that means in practice and will also enable you to assess your current situation and provide you with practical tools to make the necessary improvements Featured Image Source: Adobe Stock
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This article was first published on 26th January 2022


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