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  By now you are used to the fact that coronavirus might just be here for a long time, after all, and I am no expert, rest assured but try to read this with an open mind because a little humour adds to the spice of the whole theme of the column. So here is one of my unserious takes on serious issues.
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  • Always drink water. Drink more water. Keep drinking water. Become the water tank. By the time you are done, you would not have strength for anything else. Not even for worrying or stressing. Besides, water has been proven scientifically to be good for you. So I say “Drink your problems away”. Water of course.
  • Say these words “I can’t come and kill myself”. You probably heard it before in a more unserious context but we are being serious…. Ok, not really. But it should not be something you say on occasion. Make it a mantra. The reason being that if you kill yourself, you will die. If you die, that thing that stresses you will not die with you. It would simply look for a new person to trouble. To adopt this mindset.

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  • If you know anyone or anything that makes you feel good and fulfilled, do it. If it is to dance in the street with touts (I know it’s weird but people dey) or crying with your neighbour’s baby (don’t judge me o). The point is, find a creative expression that makes you happy. Be around people who enjoy your weirdness and don’t find you weird (which means they too are weird but no matter sha). Trust me, it works like agbo jedi.
  • I don’t like it but exercises unlock a level of happiness that I can’t explain. So even if it kills you, do it. Because you will be better and happier for it.
  • In direct relation to Number 3, stay away from joy stealers. If a person or situation causes you grief, change your frequency. If it’s entering danfo and fighting conductors (shocking. I know but true) would make you stressed out, call an Uber. Okay, that reference was a bit over-cooked but you catch my drift. Stay away from negativity
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This article was first published on 6th August 2020


Some call me David. Others, Emerie. Others, (unfortunate fellows) Biggie. I like to think that I have sense and that is why I write too. Otherwise, I draw and paint and sing (in the bathroom) and love to make people laugh. I love to understand how things work and that’s why I love DIY videos and YouTube of course. Follow me on Twitter @EmerieOkwara

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2 thoughts on “Helpful Tips For Avoiding Stress (Naija Style)”

  • Chy

    Emerie, you are so real and unassuming. Love your write up on managing stress.

  • lol, i had fun reading this, especially the crying with your neighbors baby part.

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