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  With the advent of social media, people all around the globe are changing. The internet has caused such massive exposure that many people now see the importance or otherwise of a healthy lifestyle.
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There are some simple habits that one can inculcate to lose weight and lead a healthy life, these are; Eat Healthily Eating healthy is a simple lifestyle tweak that can change the trajectory of a weight loss journey. It entails that the body fuel is now changed from junk to actual fibre and nutritious diets. The body does not have to work twice as hard to digest and this allows the body to focus on turning these healthy foods into the necessary energy needed for day to day activities. Studies have shown that a simple change in diet can massively affect the rate of weight loss.


One does not have to register at an expensive gym to stay healthy. You can inculcate home exercises that require little or no equipment. Exercises like jumping Jack’s, press-ups and squats require no extra equipment but serve as powerful core exercises that help you lose weight and stay fit. Drink Water The human body is made of 70% water. When water stays in a place for too long, it becomes stagnant and causes harm. Same with our bodies. Freshwater needs to be consumed regularly to ensure proper circulation around the body. This helps to cleanse the body and transfer unnecessary waste to the urinary tract. A continuous flush of waste with water allows only necessary nutrients in and sends excess calories out. Drink water today!

Walk Outside

Take a stretch and use your muscles. This can be some form of exercise but not quite. The current remote work has caused a lot of people to stay indoors to work. Staying indoors and sitting at a spot can cause weight to gather around the abdomen. Walking around helps to spread the stress and reduce calories build up.
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Monitor Your Weight

Studies have shown that people who monitor their weight are more likely to keep the weight off than those who do not. This is not to encourage starvation but to help keep track of the weight and how to manage cheat days and the likes.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Getting food on a go is easy. Fast foods, finger foods, and chocolates are always easy to access. However, this is because people do not find time to cook healthy foods. To drop weight without stress, it is important to pack healthy snacks to eat when the cravings come.

Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is not just a function of eating food, it is a matter of mindset. It is a choice to always choose to take healthy alternatives regardless of what is presented before you. It involves a healthy lifestyle.

Limit Processed Foods

To permanently keep off the weight you must as a matter of necessity limit the use of processed food. Processed foods are part of staple cooking products but they also add calories to the body that is not needed. Limiting the use, however, of processed food can limit the accumulation of weight.

Put Down The Phone

Staying too long on the phone keeps you immobile for a period of time while staying on the phone. Research has shown that a 21st-century human spends an average of 7hours on the phone each day. Those hours are mostly spent being immobile. The best way to lose weight and remain healthy is to keep the phone down and meditate. Staying healthy is more than just a regimen but also a mindset. Keeping the weight down is more than just hitting the gym but also about determining to choose a healthy lifestyle rather than starving yourself. Remember, the best regimen to staying healthy is staying true to yourself. Featured Image Source: iStock
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This article was first published on 28th July 2021


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