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  There are conflicting terms used to describe this present age, most refers to this age as the Meghalayan which begins 4,200 years ago, others simply describe it as the technology or new media age. The unarguable fact about this age is the fast increase and versatility or information that promotes new culture. The prevailing tendency ranges from conflicting information’s to counter retrospectives. The new ways of thinking and doing things which are prescribed to make life better have only succeeded in eradicating the essence of life. The basic meaning of life is declining and in some cases, missing. While we appreciate most technological findings, we must not fail to develop an appreciable culture around it uses.
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Among the daunting challenges of this age is the quest to change the unchanged nature of basic humanity(human relationship). In my strong opinion, It is a mistaken attempt to replace the natural relationship with an artificial. The culture of work ethics and family value has changed without caution yet the world grumbles at its consequences. The idea of using new technology to connect with people sounds great but cannot take the place of physical presence. Although it has been argued that social media has connected more people than ever, the dangerous assertion of replacing natural connection with electronic connection will continue to disrupt natural law and the beauty of the human relationship is to connect with the five senses interpreting and appreciating direct emotion. The false claim of getting in touch via social media even at the closest distance is becoming the new normal. Research experts reportedly explain that prioritising social media interaction over in-person relationship has been found to exacerbate mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Social media has been linked to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety decreased social skill and narcissism.

Tips To Guide Healthy Relationships

Define Your Relationship

The inability to define most relationship has become a major problem in relationships. Families, friends, workmates, classmates, and neighbours cannot assume the same familiarity. The degree of intimacy cannot be assumed, it must be defined. Do not put private matters equally to everyone on social media. Beyond popular practice, define why you want to use a specific platform. Ask the question, why?
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Beware Of Your Exes

Since you cannot define the extent and nature of change that must have taken place in people’s lives, do not mistake the old missing memory of the past for the present. Keep private issues private until you have done a background check and meet in person. Beware, people change.

Draw The Line

Have values and uncompromised principles as guidelines. Never concede to people who are quick to mention so much of themselves, they will request personal information from you in return. Know when to block contacts that are toxic and unhealthy.

Avoid Giving Too Many Details

Social media is not a platform to express all your feelings, studies have shown that most social media bully and fraud victims have given too many details that have been systematically used against them. Financial status, schedules, personal details should be avoided. Remember, it is easy to click the send button. Be selective: be mindful of whom you connect with and define the purpose of your hook up with them. Carefully select the platform you use, let purpose beyond popular opinions guide you. Control social nuisance by being in control, don’t let social media control your life. Remember, a healthy relationship in the changing world is to recognise that the world is without a border. You are the controller of your own border. Take time to go out, visit and have a personal relationship wisely. Featured Image Source: Pinterest
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This article was first published on 21st December 2020


Wale Haastrup has joint honours degrees in Human Kinetics and Health Education. He is a professionally certified Grade 2 Coach in Athletics and Training and a formal team fitness and conditioning manager of a rugby club. Wale's experience spans close to two decades as a sports teacher, fitness/sports coach and consultant. He is a member of sports management professional bodies and has been published in several academic journals. Wale is presently concluding his doctorate degree in Sports Administration and Management at the University of Lagos. He is passionate about Nigeria and strongly believes that Jesus mentors and inspires him.

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