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It’s true what they say that sometimes the easiest and simple things to get are the best and Lemon Plums are certainly one.Lemon plums are one of the most popular fruit and gained the famous name ‘Chameleon plums’ because of the way their colour changes as it matures. They have a sour taste initially but when they ripen gives a juicy yummy taste. Lemon plums are also incredibly rich in antioxidants substances. Adding plums as a regular diet recipe is a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they provide excellent resources of Vitamin A and C.

Here are Some of the Health Benefits and Nutritional value of Taking Lemon Plums:

Gives Healthy Immune System

Lemon plums are known as a great source of Vitamin C which is a necessary vitamin that supports in enhancing the resistance of the body that stops the attack of bacteria and other bacteria that tries to harm as well as weaken the body. Vitamin C considered as an ascorbic acid is responsible for boosting the immune system, the antioxidants it has helps protect the body against the harmful effect of foreign bodies increases white blood cells and forming new cells. It keeps the body far from diseases and helps wounds heal faster and better.

For weight loss

Eating certain food can help with losing weight even making some changes in diet can aid in achieving that. Lemon plums are low in calories, high in nutrients and fibre-rich hence, plums makes you feel full thus reducing the chances of overeating. It also aids in supplying the required nutrients to the body without adding extra pounds.

Acts as Sunscreen

Preserve your skin from harsh sun rays by taking lemon plums. In addition to giving you, an exceptional skin plums work as an organic sunscreen which assists and stops your skin from being affected by nasty sun rays.

Good for the Eyes

Lemon plums are an excellent source of Vitamin A as well. Vitamin A assists in curing eye related problems and you are sure to say goodbye to the constant visit to an ophthalmologist. It also keeps your vision clear and could cure evening blindness.

For sound healthy digestion

In addition, they have a high level of dietary fibre like other fruits and veggies. Including lemon plums as a daily diet is a great advantage for your digestive health. The fibre bulks up the stool and makes it easy for digestion, it also assists food to pass through the digestive tract which prevents constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders like, too much gas or bloating, cramping or more severe issues like colon cancer and gastric ulcers.

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This article was first published on 8th September 2017


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