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  The land is seated on water, about two-thirds of the entire planet is occupied by water. Studies have confirmed that about sixty percent of the human body is made up of water. Aside from bathing, cooking, and washing with water, drinking hot water has been proven to have numerous health benefits.
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Although, there are other counter perspectives as regard the intake of hot water and possible eminent side effects. Medical experts among other health practitioners have affirmed an evidence-based position to clear the issues of physiological benefits of moderate intake of hot water. When drinking hot water, experts recommend a temperature between 120F and 140F. Temperature above this causes scalds or burns. A healthy substance can be introduced into the water, a drop of lime, lemon, green tea or ginger could be of added advantages. Some of the benefits of drinking hot water include:

Aid sleep

Drinking hot water will help to relax the nerves of your body. Moderate Intake of hot water at least 5 hours before bedtime has been proven to facilitate sleep.


Drinking hot water early in the morning will help to reduce toxic waste in the body. Environment and certain food can cause toxins in the body. Frequent intake of hot water (a glass fill cup, two-hours interval) will help to detoxicate the body system. It also aids sweating which is process detoxification.


Taking hot water, first thing in the morning, can help stimulate the bowel to make you go to the restroom. Particularly hot water intake stimulates the digestive tract and lubricates the intestine for easy digestion of food.

Keeps You Hydrated

The human body requires water to function effectively. Water is essential to the adequate hydration of the body. Drinking hot water will help to regulate the body temperature and aid the circulation of nutrient in the body.

Promote Healthy Hair

Hot water intake helps to energize the nerve in the root of the hair. This will also assist in promoting hair growth. Drinking hot water is a natural way of keeping your scalp hydrated which help to fight against dandruff.
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Relieve Pain

Drinking hot water has been found helpful to ease rheumatic and Arthritic pain and studies have also shown that hot water intake also eases menstrual pain.

Relieve Constipation

Drinking hot water helps to stimulate the intestines to contract. Frequent intake of hot water will neutralize waste trapped inside the body and eliminate such waste.

Relieve Stress

Intake of hot water helps to keep the central nervous system functionng and also help to keep the body calm.

Serve As Anti-Ageing

Drinking hot water will help repair damaging skin cell and prevent elasticity of your skin. This will help leave your skin glowing and youthful. Intake of hot water also helps to recover faster from illness that could cause ageing.

Support Weight Loss

Drinking of hot water will aid effective metabolism which will clear waste product in the body and facilitate weight loss. Research has supported the claim that frequent intake of hot water can help to increase calories burn up to 30% within 10 minutes. Featured Image Source: The Active Times
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This article was first published on 18th December 2020


Wale Haastrup has joint honours degrees in Human Kinetics and Health Education. He is a professionally certified Grade 2 Coach in Athletics and Training and a formal team fitness and conditioning manager of a rugby club. Wale's experience spans close to two decades as a sports teacher, fitness/sports coach and consultant. He is a member of sports management professional bodies and has been published in several academic journals. Wale is presently concluding his doctorate degree in Sports Administration and Management at the University of Lagos. He is passionate about Nigeria and strongly believes that Jesus mentors and inspires him.

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