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Most of us spend more time with our colleagues at work than with our own families. Simply put, a lot of our physical and psychological health status depends on our everyday interactions with people that we work with. This principle totally defies social class and office setting, and therefore, whether it is the rowdy environs of a mechanic village, the paper-mended cubicle that is home to a struggling SME, or the posh,
12th floor open plan suite that hosts the offices of an oil and gas conglomerate in Victoria Island or Port Harcourt, human idiosyncrasies will remain what they are.

Everyone knows that one annoying colleague at the office. But the “fun” part is that we are all a little guilty of irritating and frustrating words and deeds. As long as human beings remain endlessly diverse in personality, coupled with the stress of work environment, annoying office habits will not go away in a hurry.

And it is those habits that we are here to thrash about:

– If you talk too loudly on the phone, or insist on using speaker phones, you’ll be annoying more than a few people. Same goes for loud phone notifications/pings.

– Nothing infuriates the folks in IT like having to be called to fix the same simple stuff for you again and again and again. Take your time to learn some of those easy things and do them yourself.

– If you have to leave any mess at all in the office, it mustn’t happen in the coffee room and the toilet.

– If you acquire the reputation of the guy who agrees with the boss on all issues, in order to look good or better, you’ve dug yourself into a deep pit with your colleagues.

– Do not let your cologne/perfume/deodorant wear you. This is one of the most irritating things in offices. And please don’t spray them while at work.

– I know companies that would initiate punitive HR processes for coming to work sick (especially with an infectious ailment). Don’t indulge in this habit. The work will go on even if you die!

– Some of the most annoying selfish office habits include total disregard for your colleagues on matters like the regulation of the air conditioner, usage and ordering of new supplies and hoarding of same.

– Asking for donations, gifts, charities from your colleagues for your personal causes (church, academic and social activities) is a huge no! They might not tell you, but a lot of them could be mightily displeased.

– Gossiping (no matter the ‘benefits’) is generally considered a very negative pastime. Do not join the gossip gang.

– Never taking responsibility or blame for anything, but constantly dishing out the latter to everyone else.

– Always coming late for meetings and having things repeated for your sake.

– Being a know-it-all. Show humble respect towards your colleagues even in areas where you’re the obvious guru.

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This article was first published on 18th October 2019


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