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Ghana has begun the direct shipment of goods to Nigerian ports, reports ThisDay. This is in line with Ghana’s desire to make its port a hub in the continent’s Western and Central region. The first move has been the shipment of an estimated 10,000 tonnes from Ghana’s Tema Port to Calabar Port in Cross River State, Nigeria. The African Independent Feeder (AIFEEDER) is the entity behind the linking between both aforementioned ports, sources say. The body is also responsible for linking all ports in the West African and Central region. AIFEEDER is a Ghanaian coastal shipping company that moves containerized, out-of-gauge and break-bulk cargo along the West African coast.        

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This article was first published on 11th August 2015


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  • Thanks for the article! Nice moves by AIFEEDER . I hope this will boost commerce within the region and complement ECOWAS common Tariff treaty

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