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A model, makeup artist, fashion designer and creative director since 1989. The founder of Bunor Creazioni: House of Bunor and Frank Oshodi for Bunor. The man that has been tagged the king of bustier, Frank Oshodi Richard.

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Frank has been in the fashion industry since 1989 as a professional model. As a model, he has worked for fashion houses like Dakova, Supreme Stiches, Nikki Africanna and others.

Later, he ventured into choreography and model management. Frank is very versalite, always willing to spread his wings in the fashion industry as much as he can.

He created his fashion brand about two decades ago, Bunor Creazioni which contained House of Bunor and Frank Oshodi for Bunor. The brand was for make-up and fashion designing.

As a make-up artist, he has worked with many Nigerian organizations for their television commercials. He worked for Macleans Toothpaste, Ultrasheen, Chocolate éclairs, Indomie Noodles and others.

As a fashion designer, he tailores well-finished ceremonial gowns, evening dresses and bridals with African prints, bridal and silk satin, French laces, chiffon and a lot of other luxurious natural fibers and fabrics.

In 2001, he became a household mark, and his brand was shot into the stars when he was selected by Silverbird to be the make-up artist and designer of a contestant of the beauty pageant, Agbani Darego, who later won Miss World in 2001. Agbani is the only Nigerian that has won Miss World up till date.

Frank focuses on making his outfit look as effortless as possible, but also making loud fashion statements. He described the Agbani Darego Miss World outfit as “a simple deep yoked outfit, chosen just for simplicity and the preferred color – green to portray Nigeria.”

Speaking on how he met Agbani, he said,

“She (Agbani Darego) was introduced to me by the Pageant Manager of Silverbird Production after she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria contest. I was asked to groom her for the Miss World 2001 contest, that is, handle her make-up not only for the contest but also for the duration of her reign as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria,” Frank told an online Magazine during an interview.

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In 1991/1992, Frank won International Designer of the year award. In 2013, he was awarded as the Fashion person of the year. Also in 2013, he partnered with Vogue international fashion week for their annual international fashion show: Black, bold and jazzy.

Frank showed his Red collection from House of Bunor at the Red, Bold and Jazzy in 2007 organized by Vmobile. In 2011, Frank displayed his bridal ensemble from Bunor 2011 collection in collaboration with the Austrian lace manufacturers.

In 2019, Frank participated in New York spring/ summer couture fashion week. He won Next Gen award at RCCG, City of David and Zenith Bank Zenith Youth hero award.

He is the organizer of West Africa Fashion Week and the president of PROMMAN ( Professional Model Managers Association of Nigeria).

Frank’s collections have graced many runways: South Africa Fashion Week, Vukani Fashion Award, Mozambique Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week London, PAHBA awards, Miss Africa U.S.A ; Atlanta and Barbados, Paris runway and many more.

Frank has worked with many prominent people, especially local and international models and many Nigeria celebrities, He designed Nyekachi Douglass’ outfit for Miss World 2019. He made Ufoma Mcdermott’s wedding dress in 2010. He also designed the fabulous outfit Sandra Ikeji wore for her Igbankwu ceremony in 2020.

Frank Oshodi Richard has continued to move gracefully from one part of the fashion industry to the another, and we love it. He is truly a jack of all trade, master of all.




Featured image source: Bebe Akinboade

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This article was first published on 16th March 2022


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