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  The #EndSARS has continued to rage and as the Nigerian government has not quite yet come to terms with the ramifications of the protests or even shown willingness to accede to the demands of young people, we would be remiss to assume they won’t resort to drastic measures as shutting down the internet in their desperation.  Here are a few measures we can resort to making sure the protest mobilisation machinery does not suffer.
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  • Get you a VPN: The bulk of VPN’s out there are subscription-based but a good few operate a freemium model.  Some of these are Nord VPN, Hola, Private Internet Access, Express VPN, Private VPN, Surfshark, IP Vanish VPN. These networks will mostly give the first month’s trial free then you begin to subscribe afterwards.
  • Verify that your network is truly safe: This is because government agents may be on to this tip and create VPNs that allow them to reel in unsuspecting users so make sure you are using one that is safe and uncompromised. ThatOnePrivacySite would be useful in verifying VPN safety.

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  • Use 2 Factor authentication on your Twitter: 2 Factor verification allows you to make your social media accounts that much more secure against hackers. A multi-factor authentication mechanism allows users to access accounts only after presenting two or more evidence. Usually, the mechanism will require knowledge (something only you know), possession (something only you possess), inherence (something or feature unique to you).
  • Bridgefy: Bridgefy allows mobile applications to work without the internet through mesh networks. Mesh networks are basically a network of Bluetooth enabled mobile devices. Each Bluetooth enabled phone can communicate within 100 (110 yards, 330 feet) of each other. But with Bridgefy, an entire network of individual devices lend themselves to a network that allows a user communicated over a much longer distance as the signal is bounced off each device in the mesh till it reaches its target. the network can have an unlimited number of applications in its network and can work completely offline. The application comes in handy for periods such as this as well as emergency situations such as floods and earthquakes that take out internet infrastructure entirely for large areas.
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This article was first published on 16th October 2020


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  • Internet freedom is really important to me, which is why I decided to take my online security into my own hands and started using Surfshark VPN and a private browser. Now I do feel like I’m a bit more in control of my privacy.

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