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An electric tricycle (locally called keke napep) has been unveiled in Aba. Ifeanyi Okafor, who hails from Umuchu, Anambra State, successfully manufactured the tricycle.

An Alternative

A graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Ifeanyi Okafor explains that the project began in 2015, during the fuel scarcity that hit the country in May/June. Angered by a system which he explains, “holds the people to ransom”, he started researching and designing the prototype which would run on electricity rather than fuel. Okafor leases keke napeps to drivers who he said complained often about a lack of fuel impeding business. These propelled Okafor on a search for an alternative means of powering the keke napeps.
When the design was completed, Okafor contracted an electrician, welder and other artisans who brought his idea to live.

A global vision

“The world is going green and Nigeria shouldn’t be left behind.” — Okafor
The keke napep is one of the primary means of transportation for millions of Nigerians across the country because it is affordable and efficient. Ifeanyi’s vision for the electric keke napep is global. He sees the keke napep becoming an integral part to commuters all over the world, as the strive for cleaner sources of energy pushes on. Okafor is presently looking for investors who will partner with him; he has hitherto financed the project by himself.  
Contact Ifeanyi Okafor on: 0806 409 4436

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This article was first published on 17th August 2018 and updated on August 18th, 2018 at 8:08 pm


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  • in fact am happy for this development, may God help him through it, it can only start from the government of his state, they just need to create a factory and employed fabricators to build the body for new look and others engineers to improve the horsepower for efficiency. Federal and state should look into this not all we expect support from overseas.

    this is a creative idea even the western world has not produce the electric tricycle. lets help this man and lastly am happy for a job well done by connectNigeria to bring this man to public notice.

  • helllo our governmen should do some thing over this tthanks job well done

  • Awesome!
    Secure permit and put it in market, no delay. God bless your innovation

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