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Latin American taxi app, Easy Taxi will begin operations in Nigeria, after the company announced its global expansion in Asia, Africa and the Middle East — today. The Easy Taxi app is available for iOS, Android and the new BlackBerry devices. To use, you’ll confirm your pickup point and order your cab. You’ll receive confirmation of the name, photo and car model/plate of your driver, and will be able to follow the vehicle’s location in real-time as it approaches you. All the drivers are heavily vetted by the company. “In 2011, Easy Taxi started in Brazil to connect taxi drivers and passengers in the best possible way. By now, the app has over 1.5-million downloads and more than 45 000 taxi drivers in the network. We want to bring this success to other attractive markets and we see high potential in many Asian and African countries,” said Dennis Wang, Head of International Expansion of Easy Taxi. “The Easy Taxi app is convincing in every single aspect: it is fast, safe and working in a very smooth way. It fulfills all the needs for the African market. We see an amazing opportunity and we will expand fast to all the markets where we are present today with the startups of Africa Internet Holding,” said Sacha Poignonnec, co-CEO of African Internet Holding. “Today, Easy Taxi starts in Lagos, Nigeria in a metropolitan area with 20 million inhabitants and huge potential. In the same way, we will launch Easy Taxi in more African countries in the upcoming weeks.”

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This article was first published on 24th July 2013

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