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Who doesn’t want long eyelashes? A lot of women invest often money in buying fake lashes, mascara and other cosmetic products just to give the illusion that their lashes are long, thick and full. Did you know that, with grooming, the natural eyelash can grow up to the length of faux-lashes?
“Yes. Vaseline.”
Although makeup products make you look gorgeous, in the long they may cause harm. Using fake eyelashes too often can cause your natural lashes to fall off or thin out because of the glue applied to secure them to your skin. The glue could be toxic and can cause irritation to the sensitive skin around the eyes which may lead to visual impairment. Natural lashes, on the other hand, protect dust from getting into your eyes and are economically cheaper to grow than purchasing fake ones.


One of the ways to get enviable natural eyelash is by using Vaseline. Yes, Vaseline. It is cheap and easy. Vaseline provides amazing conditioning and moisturizing for dry lashes. It helps them grow longer, thicker, and stronger. Its moisturizing properties also help the skin around the eyelid stay smooth and supple. For the best results from Vaseline:
  • Use a clean mascara wand to apply the Vaseline to your eyelashes.
  • Using your index finger and thumb, you can also take a small amount of Vaseline and gently apply it to your lashes.
  • Apply Vaseline before bed and leave it overnight.

Coconut oil + Lavender essential oil

Another method involves coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil can significantly help increase your eyelash growth and helps get rid of harmful free radicals (free radicals are the byproduct of oxygen metabolism which damage living cells and tissues). The effects of lavender oil can be boosted when combined with coconut oil, which is known for its antibacterial and soothing purposes, and is rich in nutrients. Here’s what you do:
  • Take ½ teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Add 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Mix the coconut and lavender oil together
  • Use cotton wool or your index finger to apply the mixture from your eyelash roots down to the ends
  • Apply twice daily for best results.


Massaging the eyelid area near the lashes helps increase blood flow and circulation, which in turn helps your lashes grow.
  • Use your index finger to gently massage the eyelid area along the lashes.
  • Do this twice daily

Other tips

Vitamins A and E help with hair growth. You can include multivitamin supplements in your daily diet, along with an increased intake of vegetables and whole grain foods.

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This article was first published on 22nd February 2018


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