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By Ibifaka Ben-Kalio I have heard many people ask the question, ‘do I really need a professional photographer?’ Some say they have a professional camera at home, so what the heck? Others say, ‘common! That’s too expensive. For a picture, I’ll use my camera phone.’ Well, I am here to tell you that you certainly do not need a professional photographer, if you are looking to have mediocre pictures. Photography goes beyond the camera, it is about who is behind the camera. The photographer creates the picture; the camera is only a tool. A professional photographer understands the use of perspective, lighting, shutter speed, white balance, post-production (editing), and so much more, all of which goes beyond the camera. A professional photographer will produce a picture that you cannot capture with an ordinary camera, and will transform what might have been regular pictures into a truly special and timeless collection. Professional photographers know how to combine lighting, positioning, and framing to produce the best image possible, they are trained to know which settings and arrangements to use when taking pictures in different situations like group photos, outdoor images, and personal portraits. You wouldn’t go for a health check done by a quack doctor, so why would you miss those special moments and events in your life by capturing images with low-quality devices and printing pictures that will wear with time? Now, do you still think you do not need a professional photographer… …to cover that once in a lifetime event, whenyou say I do to the one you love most in the world,
                        to capture the innocence of your childhood, when everything is pure and blissful,                 to capture the youthfulness in your twenties, when life is a ball and you’re living it large,                       or the gracefulness in your fifties, with your crown of wisdom and beautiful eyes that have seen it all?                 Think again!
Author’s Bio Ibifaka Ben-Kalio is a commercial lawyer and owner of Swan Lake Studios, a contemporary photography, dance and creative arts studio based in Lagos, Nigeria. A professionally trained ballet and Latin ballroom dancer, she currently runs daily Latin dance fitness programs at the Life Quest Gym, 37 Glover Court, Ikoyi, Lagos. Visit to read more articles like this and view her photography and dance programs.

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This article was first published on 2nd May 2012

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