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A good few of us tend to have our daily lives interrupted by not-so-serious but pesky allergies like a stuffy nose at a very bad time. It could be triggered by anything and if poorly managed could embarrass you greatly. If you are one for natural solutions then here goes:
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  • Drink Plenty Of Water

When you have nasal congestion or just runny nose, water, for instance, helps thin out the mucus thus making it easier to breathe and decongesting the nose. You must make to avoid liquids like coffee and alcohol that dehydrate rather than hydrate.
  • Hot Tea

I mean real tea o! Not milk and chocolate powder. The heat and steam help decongest your nostrils. Look for tea that has anti-inflammatory and anti-congestant properties such as mint and ginger. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea and inhale the steam from it before drinking. It soothes a sore throat and sore throat usually accompanies runny nose.
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  • Facial Steaming

Heat up a clean pot of water and make sure it does not get to boiling point. You may add decongestant oil like mint, ginger, tea tree oil, or thyme oils. Position your face over the steaming pot and stay that way for some 20 or 30 minutes. If it gets too hot, take your face away. Once you are done, blow your nose.
  • Hot Bath

Make sure you bathe with your face in the way of the steam. A sustained bath for some 20 minutes should do the trick.
  • Eat Spicy Food

This works in a weird way in that it makes it worse usually but if decongesting your stuffy nose is the goal then try this. You see pepper creates the sensation of heat when eaten and they go on to dilate passageways and relieve sinus issues. Featured Image Source: Shutterstock
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This article was first published on 1st February 2021


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