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Since 2017, there has been a continuous voter registration (CVR) to enable as many Nigerians as possible to exercise their franchise. This exercise, however, will come to a close on the 30th of June 2022 to enable the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to prepare for the general elections slated for the 25th of February 2023.

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The announcement of this deadline has precipitated a rush toward registration and polling unit transfers during this period. So here is what you need to know about getting your Permanent Voters Card (PVC).


INEC set up online registration to aid the CVR exercise. The online registration was done through a portal on the INEC website. The portal allows a two-step registration process in which first, prospective applicants log in to pre-register by providing their basic biodata and some biometrics, and second to complete the registration by physically presenting themselves at a designated registration center of their choice. However, this online registration ended on May 30th, 2022.  

INEC also designed the online system to assist already registered persons. They could check their voter registration details, request an update on their information, get a new card to replace their damaged or defaced card, or transfer their details to another polling unit. The latter may require a visit to their physical location for a print-out slip which you can use as a temporary voter’s card till actual cards are issued in October.

To transfer your Voters Card using the online route

To avoid queuing at INEC Office, go to ( Services ( Voter Transfer ( Create an account with your email address ( Login with your email ànd Open the link sent to you in your email.

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Fill out the form provided and your new address ( Go through your application to be sure no mistakes ( Save as instructed ( Use your phone to snap and upload 2 of your photos (First photo with a serious face and the second with a smiling face) ( Submit. Wait for when it is ready and INEC sends you a message (on your phone and or your email) about where to pick up your card (around your new place of abode).


For physical or in-person registration, you need to know that INEC has both stationary and mobile centers in every state. The INEC Registration Centres are:

1. INEC State Offices

2. INEC LGA offices

3. RA/Ward Collation Centres (Rotational every week)

You can find the address for the specific location in your town or state on the INEC CVR Website. Click on the Registration centers tab and view all button at the end f the page to see the many registration centers in each state.

What You Need To Carry For Physical Registration

If you are going to an INEC Physical location, here are the things you need:

Clear Your Schedule – It might take more than a couple of hours because of the crowd queuing there. So it is best to clear your schedule so that the INEC officials can attend to you unfailingly that day.  

Bottle Of Water – To avoid dehydration while you wait, carry a bottle of water with you. If you have a water bottle, better. That way you won’t be stuck with half-drunk sachet water. And if you buy ‘pure water, make sure you dispose of the nylon properly, don’t let it litter the place.

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Snacks – Eat before you go and still carry money for snacks with you. There will definitely be hawkers nearby hoping to move their small businesses with the seasonal crowd at the INEC offices. To be on the safe side, rather than depend on them, buy snacks you consider filling and take them with you.

Power Bank – There might not be a charging port available to charge your phones. So go with your fully charged functional power bank. That way, no matter how long you stay there, you won’t be in an incommunicable position.

An Umbrella – We are in the rainy season even though the sun is still scorching when it shines. Carry an umbrella with you as a precaution to protect you from the elements.  

Sunshades – Have you tried looking at a white piece of paper under the sun? It can be quite blinding. A sunshade should help through in such a circumstance.

We hope you will make use of this information before the new deadline elapses. Democracy starts with you and me exercising our civic responsibilities. Don’t buy into the lie that your votes don’t count. You matter, your votes matter. Let’s position ourselves properly to vote in 2023.



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This article was first published on 14th June 2022


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