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  Ahead of the 2023 election, Nigerians stormed different INEC accreditated centres to register for their Permanent Voters Card (PVC). PVC is the only medium to carry out your democratic right in the coming election. With your PVC, you have a say on people that will hold various political positions at the Federal, state, and Local Government levels.
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The registration usually takes little or no time from start to finish but might be hectic if there are many people with few INEC personnel. One important thing you put on when going to register for your PVC is clothing. Many are usually torn between their various clothes and don’t know which is appropriate for such an occasion.  Some vital points you must take into consideration are region, weather, and comfort. 


There are different appropriate clothing for different regions in Nigeria. In the Northern part of Nigeria, you are expected not to expose some parts of your body while the Southern part is more lenient towards clothing.


In Nigeria, we are gradually entering the rainy season. Therefore, on some days, the weather is hot and intense while on other days, the weather is cold and cool. The weather has a huge part to play in your choice of clothing.


It is advisable to wear comfortable and convenient clothing. Some centres are usually packed with many people, therefore, you might not even be seated. Avoid wearing high heels,  heavy make-up, fabrics that cause you to sweat profusely, very chunky boots, etc.
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Now that you understand, the factors that should influence what you should wear, it is time to look at some style inspiration.
  1. Jeans and t-shirt

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You can never go wrong with a pair of sturdy jeans in your wardrobe. Jeans are multipurpose and can be styled to fit almost every occasion. Both men and women wear jeans. You can opt for fitted jeans, baggy jeans, bootcut, etc. The jeans can be paired with a t-shirt. You can pair the jeans with a t-shirt of any color of your choice with comfortable footwear: sneakers, sandals, slippers, etc.

 Bodycon dress

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A bodycon dress is appropriate to wear to register for your PVC. The dress can be long, short, or three-quarters. A bodycon dress can be worn by ladies that want to wear something classy yet comfortable.
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With a bodycon dress, you can easily move from one place to another freely. You should opt for dark colors dresses rather than bright colors to avoid getting them dirty if you are in an overcrowded centre.

3. Trouser and Shirt

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As a male, you can wear any comfortable trousers of your choice with a matching shirt, either short or long sleeves. You don’t have to tuck the shirt into the trouser. You can leave it that way. 
  1. Caps, Scarves, Eyeglasses, etc.

Light of the world clothing
You can also wear caps, scarves, eyeglasses, etc to prevent yourself from harsh weather conditions. These fashion items will majorly prevent your face from sunburn.
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If the weather is cold, you might consider wearing thick clothing items on our outfit. You should wear a sweater or cardigan so you can easily take it off if the weather is hot again.
  1. Native attires

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You can wear any simple native attire of your choice. Many people love wearing indigenous Nigerian fabrics. It is a good and appropriate choice of clothing. It can be worn with comfortable footwear.


There are various clothing you can put on for PVC registration. However, you must take note of the three major factors outlined: region, weather, and comfort. When those three boxes are ticked, you can wear whatever you want. Featured Image source: Facebook
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This article was first published on 12th June 2022 and updated on June 14th, 2022 at 12:58 pm


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