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The long wait at the bus station or at the airport or train station can be painful. It can feel as if time is crawling by on purpose. You don’t have to allow boredom to turn you into a grouch or pain in everyone else’s butt.

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Here are a few things you can do while you wait for your vehicle to be ready for boarding:

Stay Online

If you have Mi-Fi or mobile data with a fully charged phone, you have no business being bored. Turn on your social media apps and enjoy exciting content. TikTok alone will keep you so engaged you may lose track of the time. Chat on Twitter, play online games from the Google Play store app, visit IG, watch videos on YouTube, read blogs, webcomics or novels online, view the WhatsApp status of friends, etc. the list of entertainment to be had online is enough to help you pass the time joyfully.

Take A Walk

If you visit an airport with lots of side attractions, waiting there will be a breeze. That’s because there will be a lot of things to feast your eyes on. In some airports in the world, there are architectural wonders enough to keep you occupied.

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In others, there are free Wi-Fi hubs for internet lovers to plug into and stay online. Walking around can also help you acquaint yourself with the airport’s terminals and facilities. And stretching your legs by walking around is good for your body since you will seat for a long while in the travel vehicle, anyway. So take a hike.

Read A Book

It is advisable to always carry a hard copy book with you when travelling. If you don’t have a book, you can look for a magazine or flight brochure to read. If you have PDF ebooks, now is the time to read them. Download ebooks and read them in offline mode. Reading is an extremely productive way to kill time because you gain knowledge and improve your vocabulary, too. So hit those books.

Use Your Laptop

If you are travelling with your laptop, look for a socket, plug it in, and get busy. You can write a blog piece or finish some work on your system.

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You can also watch a movie with earphones on your system or listen to your favourite playlist while reorganising your picture collections. If you have a laptop on you during a long wait at the station, bring it out and make use of it.

Communicate With Or Watch People

Your loved ones are just a phone call or text message away. Reach out to them. Give them updates on your progress as regards your trip, ask them what they are up to, etc. chatting with them will make you feel less lonely. When I say watch people, writers know what I mean. Observing people can give them material for potential unwritten stories. But even if you are not a writer, keeping people can put your imaginative prowess to work. It can also challenge your observation skills. Mental games like spotting the difference between two travellers’ luggage that resembles can make watching people more fun than stalker-ish.


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This article was first published on 22nd July 2022


Ann Esievoadje is a freelance writer who is passionate about encouraging a reading culture and personal development. She has authored two books, The Quilt (fiction) and Being Mummy and Me (non-fiction). She manages Pulchra Publishing which offers a content creation/editing, transcription, different forms of writing (including Ghostwriting) service and her blog, Life Love and Anything Goes at You can reach her at

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