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  One reason we love Lagos is that there is something for everyone. Options to go on a date are many, and Lagos is one state in Nigeria that has it all.
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If there is anything a foodie loves, it’s an opportunity to eat a wide range of cuisines. And we have collated some interesting places to take a foodie to on a date in Lagos. They are:
  1. Ocean Basket

Yanga Tolotolo
Ocean Basket is an International restaurant with 3 locations in Lagos – Victoria Island, Ikeja GRA and Ikeja City Mall. They offer a wide range of seafood. E.g. Calamari, Fire Cracker quid, mussels, crumbed prawn tails, seafood pepper soup, Seared Salmon, etc. You can also get other meals here, like Greek salad, Fritto Misto, fish and chips, fish fillet, etc. They also have mouthwatering desserts & drinks like chocolate lava cake, strawberry citrus, cheesecakes, lemonade, and custard tart amongst others. The ambience is cozy with a lovely interplay of lights and colours. The price is reasonable and you can choose to sit either indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for a date night. Venue: 35 Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island, Lagos
  1. Yellow Chili

Restaurants To Visit: The Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar • Connect Nigeria This place offers African and Pan African delicacies. You can expect to see the following on the menu: seafood Okra soup, Efo riro, Banga Soup, Edikan Ikong, fisherman’s pepper soup, Oxtail soup, and more. The seating arrangement here works for a couple’s double date with its dark interior punctuated by aesthetic pieces all around. The food presentation is commendable. It is the perfect location to take someone who wants to be adventurous with African dishes in particular. Venue: 35, Joel Ogunike Street, Ikeja, & 27 Oju Olobun Close, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
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  1. Cactus Restaurant

Cactus Restaurant, Lagos - Places
Hotels NG
Here, you have a wide range of tasty dishes with excellent service. As for their dishes, they serve African, vegetarian and pastry. Such as desserts, burgers, ice cream, coffee & tea, pizza, seafood, steak & other European meals. It is really pricey though. You can choose to seat outdoors, indoors, or in the pastry area. In the daytime, indoors is great for a date but at night, outdoors makes it really romantic. The lights in the trees & the ocean view reflecting the moon & other lights make it magical. It’s most recommended for a birthday-related date as the staff will help you sing and make the moment quite special. Venue: 20/24 Ozumba Mbadiwe Rd, Victoria Island, Lagos (Maroko Bayshore).
  1. Ofada Boy Restaurant

A Hidden Gem In The Heart Of Surulere - Ofada Boy Restaurant Review.
Cassie Daves
The Yoruba traditional feel, along with the ambience, décor, and menu plus food presentation, makes this place stand out. You can expect a menu of Ofada rice, Nkwobi, Moimoi, Amala, Pepper soup, Ewedu, and more served in calabashes, leaves, etc. This modern-day buka also serves meals from Calabar, Efik and Niger Delta region, including Nigerian street food. The interplay of natural colours and textures makes eating local meals on a date feel truly special. Venue: No 1 Mba St, Surulere, Lagos.
  1. Orchid Bristol

This small quaint restaurant in GRA, Ikeja in Lagos State, has good food, a beautiful ambience and a wonderful garden. You can choose to stay indoors in the café part of the restaurant or go to the garden, which carries a whimsical feeling appropriate for a date. You can get pastries, coffee & tea, dessert, steak and British cuisine. Or settle for a drink, chicken wings and some pastries. You can sit in the garden and converse with your date. Venue: 58A Isaac John Street, Ikeja, & 40B Raymond Njoku St, Ikoyi, Lagos The key is being in a place with delicious meals, lovely ambience and sitting area privacy to make the date memorable. Sources: Ofadaa Zee Goes @bright_r Ocean Basket Yellow Chilli ng Eat.Drink.Lagos Featured Image Source: Travel And Delicacy
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This article was first published on 28th October 2021


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