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For individuals and businesses who face challenges with delivering goods to clients or to whoever, provides a smart solution for your problems. is a Delivery Company that seeks to bridge the gap between individuals/businesses and delivery service providers. Basically, the company offers a fast and effective delivery system by reducing the hassle of finding a dispatch service provider for you or your business. was founded by four Nigerians – Adekunle Owadara, Abimbola Odugbesan, Sogo Da Silva and Segun Adeleke. The platform links delivery services to businesses and individuals who are in need of such services. Their head office is located at No. 9 Adedotun Dina Cres | Maryland 100211, Lagos. The platform handles the logistics of delivery, ensuring that delivery service providers are up-to-date on customer preferences, and making sure individuals/businesses get the best delivery experience. Businesses that have need of delivery (E-commerce, etc) can adopt as a smart solution for their delivery needs. The company guarantees customers a safe, secure and convenient way of dealing with delivery issues. The company partners with both established and upcoming dispatch service providers in the country, linking them to a handful of clients. Delivery covers both small and large packages, and they offer flexible payment methods and options to all customers. The company is running a promo where early users would not be charged processing fee while using the platform. The promo ends on the 31st of November, 2017. Intending customers must also note that does not carry out the actual delivery of items but connects you to the delivery services that undertake such tasks. Visit for more info

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This article was first published on 24th November 2017


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