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Have you ever considered the right colours to wear for a wedding, or had to make a tough decision on whether to take a ‘few’ friends along? In this article, Oaken Events Nigeria highlights three major gaffes guests make at weddings. Learn and enjoy. Here are a few unnoticed wedding don’ts most guests are guilty of (and what they should do instead).    Please wear your LWD Fine Lady… Lagos finest! I know you love looking good and with the wave of fashion euphoria going around you’ll be damned if you aren’t looking like a drop-dead diva at every event you step into. You see as a Lagos chick, you’re not only saddled with the painful yet must-do choice of “stepping up”, you’re also continually worried about the need to “keep up” with trends! As you know, no Lady wants to come last. If not, you are on your own! But wait o! You know that there are some things we Ladies tend to over-do; especially when it concerns looking good, and most times these things affect the way we present ourselves at events. Like what? Wearing white to a wedding! Hold on! You have a defence. You don’t go on to totally annoy the bride with a matching long and flowing gown, it’s a sexy and short little white number! It’s a “kill em all” situation yea? Well, no be so o! As wearing white, whether short or long, to a wedding isn’t a to-do trend… As bad as the urge to wear white can be to make you forget all wedding etiquettes, please dear guest the bride does not care if your little white dress is the only flattering outfit in your closet! And it is not your wedding now, so why not wait till your own day? For many Brides, they have dreamt of this moment in the spotlight- when they are the only ones in white! You don’t want to rain on the bride’s parade, do you? Make her feel that you are stealing her show? I know you are modern, classy and hip! Every Lagos Lady is, but tradition is still important in conserving and modifying all new trends. So “Sisi Eko”, please try to step off completely on wearing the LWD (Little White Dress) at weddings, you can wow that crowd in other colorful dress tones too!    Bring your own party and make some noise I’d go bunkers if a celebrity showed up at my wedding as a plus one to one of my invited guests. As I am a very unpopular human being… this will be fantabulous for me! You know how exciting seeing a Nigerian celebrity can be; the swag, noise, fun and of course the fabulous-ity that comes with it? It’s even crazier if you are a fan of that celebrity! Imagine then, that one of my guests comes in with a celebrity that I am crazy to meet? I will faint o! You are smiling bah? This is not an excuse for you, dear guest, to waltz into a wedding reception like a superstar with your squad. Whether you are a celebrity, or roll with celebrities, abeg, it is bad to bring uninvited “guests” along to a wedding, especially when the couple specifically stated on the invite “admits one”. Amazingly, you don’t stop at bringing your own party, you go on and seat at a table reserved for other guests with your loud squad and yet you are still feeling fly! Who gets to cater to the extra mouths? It will be very embarrassing for the couple, when they get to know that “item 7” did not go round at their wedding. People, you’re disrupting the flow of things. Remember you RSVP’d the invites without stating you would be bringing your squad? So please… At your own wedding you get to decide on your guest list and to add spectacle you can choose to invite your whole Facebook and twitter followers but at a friend’s wedding? Where your invite reads “one only” you are top on the list as a wedding destroyer if you do this! I know how tempting it is to be the coolest member of your click and you want to show off to your friends and the world your different levels of coolness… Darling, do it at a beach party or club not at a wedding… or better still ask the couple if they are okay with you bringing your own party. I suppose you already know the answer, right?   Engage in social media play-play There’s a disturbing trend at wedding ceremonies these days, guests tend to take pictures and post them immediately to different social media platforms. This is horrible!  Couples have been hurt by this tech play. Even I am guilty of this. Now, with our smart phones and 4G Internet access, pictures of our daily activities can spread over the world in just an instant. I know it is 2013 and we are all up on technology but hey, a wedding is a special and private affair and people let’s respect that. Couples dread seeing images of their wedding online getting viewed by strangers across the world. This could totally ruin their wedding! As guests, we consider this social media play-play as “updating our status” on instagram, blackberry, twitter and Facebook… I saved this wedding ruin for the last but trust me this social media play-play is the worst wedding and post-wedding disaster. HOW? Couples tend to get a scoop of these nasty pictures of them feeding each other or trying to cover a yawn, bride tripping over her dress or a shy kiss. This social media play has caused couples to pay extra on security.   So, dear future guests let’s be civil and be early, contribute and enjoy the weddings we attend. Next time you say, “Well it’s not my wedding; I am only attending” with a shrug and a smirk on your face, remember it is truly not your wedding and you should not ruin it for the couple. Avoid wearing a white dress. Dress in colorful shades like pink, peach, lilac, purple, beige, yellow. Please do not bring your own party. Uninvited guests cost more for the couple, and as much as this is the hardest avoid social media play- no posting of horrid wedding shots, as this could really hurt the couple. Be nice, civil and have fun!   Cheers, Oaken Events.   Oaken Events is an event planning, management, design and logistics company committed to the flawless delivery of corporate luncheons and dinners, destination weddings and special events from start to finish. Oaken Events ensures that all their events represent the client’s personality and style leaving lasting memories and cherished moments.You can contact them: @oakenevents and      

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This article was first published on 29th July 2013 and updated on August 15th, 2013 at 2:48 pm

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  • Completely agree with all three especially posting pics of couple on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, vine etc before they’ve said I do! Yes, you were at the governor’s daughter’s wedding but please give the couple the joy of how and when they share their pics.

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