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Delta State is rich in tourist destinations. If you are crazy about visiting Delta, here is a rundown of 13 interesting places and what you should expect when you get there:

1. Abraka Turf and Country Club

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This luxurious equestrian leisure club lies somewhere in the tropical rainforest along the borders of the mysterious clear waters of River Ethiope. It’s ideal for swimming, quad biking, fishing, kayaking, horse riding, and nature trail exploration.

2. Effurun Garden Park

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This recreation spot is great for a couple or family. It is open daily for visitors and also has a cafeteria. It is at the end of Benin-Sapele Road, Effurun Roundabout in Warri.

3. Delta Shopping Mall

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Also around the Effurun Roundabout in Warri is the popular Delta Mall. It’s a great place to hang out, with food courts, supermarkets, a cinema, and games. There’s a train ride available to drive kids round the mall, giving parents a breather.

4. The Giant Silk-Cotton Tree

Umuaja, Source of River Ethiope

River Ethiope seems to flow from the snake-like roots of this tree in Ukwani LGA. This makes it seem so mysterious. The river starts out shallow from its source and deepens as it goes further along, birthing beaches and resorts from its banks.  

5. Abraka River Resort

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If you are looking for a beautiful forest area with a sandy beach and clear waters to swim in or go boating, Abraka River resort is your place. It is situated along the Agbor-Sapele highway in Abraka.

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6. Nana’s Palace Living History Museum

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Also known as Koko’s Place, this national monument in Warri North LGA is home to the personal effects of a 19th century indigenous entrepreneur who had dealings with British colonialists in Queen Victoria’s era. 

7. MacCarthy Beach

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Also in Abraka, you can chill and have some beach and water sports fun at MacCarthy Beach. It is great for deep river diving, boat cruising or swimming (coaches are on ground to help armature swimmers stay safe).

8. The Lander Brothers Anchorage

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Right in Asaba is this monument built in honour of the brothers who excelled at Mungo Park’s expedition to find the source of River Niger. Close to it is a museum and the expatriate graveyard (for those interested in dark tourism).

9. Mungo Park House

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Built in honour of Mungo Park by the Royal Niger Company in 1886, this structure is worth visiting if you are in Asaba and if architecture is a major tourist attraction for you.

10. Kwale Game Reserve

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This nature conservation in Kwale, Ukwani LGA boasts of rainforest vegetation and a swamp full of red river hog and freshwater fish. It is ideal for animal lovers. 

11.  Dallas Leisure World

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This is the place to take kids to for some indoor fun. Here in Warri, they get to play arcade games and enjoy the indoor playground.

12. Red Mangrove Swamp

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If you are in the mood for adventure, then go canoeing in Red Mangrove Swamp in Warri. It is the closest thing to river rafting you can experience in Nigeria. Make sure you to go with a guide when exploring this place.

13. The Olu’s Palace

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Lovers of art and architecture would like to visit this old palace in the heart of Warri. Though it is a private house, it is also a public tourist attraction.

Time would fail us to talk of Eni Lake, Ovie Palace, Iyiada Valley, Okpuzu Falls, Saint Joseph Catholic Church (Asaba), Mudi Beach, Araya Bible Site, Gordon’s Resort and the many other attractions in Delta State. Enjoy your visit.

Featured image source: Delta State Civil Service Commission

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