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The Sokoto Caliphate is not just for the history books. The tranquillity of Sokoto state draws you in to explore its treasures. From sparse settlements to the semi-desert terrain, the state is like an oasis with high tourism potentials.

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Below are three things you can do in Sokoto:

1. Revisit History

Image result for The Hubbaren
The Hubbaren: Tomb of Usman dan Fodio – Visit Naija

Sokoto State has deep historical roots from as far back as the 18th century. One of the best ways to explore it is to visit the museums. You can find out more about the history of the Old Sokoto caliphate and the Islamic scholar, Usman dan Fodio from the Sokoto Museum where personal artefacts of him are kept. Monuments of Usman Da Fodio are also around the town, e.g. The Hubbaren i.e. the resting place of sultans and the Tomb of Usman dan Fodio which is close to Waziri Junaidu History & Culture Museum. Speaking of Tombs, the Clapper’s Tomb is also a site to visit.

Nevertheless, for the general history of the Sokoto people, visit the Waziri Junaidu History and Culture Museum. There you will see and read of relics of the culture of the people through over 500,000 treasures collected over the years. Also, there are the ruins of Surame Cultural landscape a few kilometres from Binji LGA, and of Akalawa in Sabon-Birnin LGA. These 16th century walls and gates from Old Kebbi and Gobir empire are perfect for historians to visit.

2. See the Landmarks in Sokoto

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sultan of Sokoto Palace – Visit Naija

If you like a road trip or city tour, then you will enjoy moving around Sokoto State to see the landmarks. First off our list is the Sultan’s Palace built in 1808. It was renovated during the reign of the 18th sultan of Sokoto and is now painted in our national colours. The modern architecture with palace guards in their multicoloured robes, turbans and regalia add to the cultural tourism experience of visiting Sokoto.

Another sight to check out are the eight gates surrounding the state’s LGAs, starting from the one opposite the Sultan’s Palace, the Kofar Taramniya Gate. Also, check out the open Shehu Kangiwa Square (formerly known as Gingiya), the Gingiya Memorial Stadium, and the Kangiwa Race Course. The top notch organisation of the Sokoto Central Market is also a major tourist appeal.

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3. Enjoy Nature

Image result for goronyo dam
Goronyo Dam – Steemit

Looking for a great place to relax? You can go hiking or have a picnic at the Gilbadi rock formation in Gada LGA. Take a stroll at Rima or Sokoto rivers, or do so around the Goronyo Dam. You can have a quiet day chilling at the Army Barracks Golf Course or the Relaxation Garden both in Sokoto LGA. If you want a little more activity than just walking and sitting, you can consider visiting the Happy Island Amusement Park where you can swim in the pool, play in the water park (especially for kids), and enjoy theatre.

There are other places worth checking out like the National Gallery of Art in Sokoto, and Heritage Museum, Gidadawa. Whatever you do, make sure staying indoors all day isn’t one of them. 

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This article was first published on 23rd November 2019


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